redgum reaching out…

After consistent rains the river flats were brimming with some weird succulent type of grass completely foreign to those not from arid zone regions. It really made this scene after late afternoon rain a must for myself. I spotted this one particular redgum just reaching out with character and the bark a glistening white almost like a ghost gum…

‘ reaching out  –  River flats SA’


~ by Tony Middleton on June 24, 2010.

8 Responses to “redgum reaching out…”

  1. Not bad mate!

  2. Another good find Tone, excellent specimen.

    • Thanks Andrew – yes you know how sometimes a certain tree in the forest can scream out with personality for you to notice ? well that’s what this one was saying…


  3. Nothing like a massive Red Gum, we have some thumpers out here in Western Vic, just imagine the beautiful specimens the first settlers would have destroyed!!!

    • Very true Tom – they are a great species that is for sure… whilst this one was not the grandest, it certainly has a personality that was screaming out to me.
      I know exactly what you mean, similar to the pioneers in Gippsland, here in the Strzeleckis once stood the tallest tree ever measured – a grand old Regnan which came in at something like 121m for memory… approx. 90% of these brilliant forests now gone forever and little protection for what is left 😦

  4. Lovely sheen on that bark. Lovely pic and lovely subject.

    • hey Adrian, I think you are seeing the same things as myself and part of what drew me to the scene and subsequent image.

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