alpine textures…

The exquisite textures in this scene are generated by the mountainous terrain and the continued aftermath from the 2003 Victorian alpine bushfires. The play of light across this vista had us (Tommy P, Mark Stothard, Christian Fletcher and myself) captivated for about an hour before we ventured on to a magical mountain twilight later that day.

January 8 2003, saw 87 fires started by lightning. All but 8 of these fires were contained, these 8 merged to form the largest fire at the time since 1939. The main fire burnt over 13,000 km² over 59 days before it was contained on 7 March 2003. 41 homes were destroyed and over 9,000 livestock killed. Thousands of kilometres of fencing was also destroyed. This was the longest running fire until the 2006-07 Great Divide fires. Check out THIS staggering map of the areas in Victorian burnt in the last 10 years.

‘ Alpine textures  –  Vic high country’


~ by Tony Middleton on June 16, 2010.

8 Responses to “alpine textures…”

  1. Great shot and great story mate!

    • thanks Mark – it was a top day that one… I thought some might appreciate some of the info behind all those sticks ! APPA sticks 🙂

  2. very very good shot mate!

  3. Great lighting and tones Tony! Sad that it took a disaster to make it look that way.

    • cheers Tim, yeah this one I shot at the last minute as the light finally did what I was hoping for. 🙂

  4. Very cool leading lines here, looks brilliant and great layers. I might try warming it up a lot just to emulate a warm sunset look

    The map is staggering, wow. Mind blowing how much was lost to fire. And some of them were arsons right?

    • hey Flem, the textures and layers attracted me to it as well, I’ll give your suggestion a go when I get a chance.
      Yeah huge areas – bigger than some countries perhaps even Denmark ?! And yes some of the fires in 2009’s Black Saturday and others years have been arson – mutha f ***s!

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