Number 39…

A quaint and gorgeous front gate to this property in South Australia. With the season a touch later than in Victoria the autumn colours here still looked fantastic on a wet and windy day. Even though I had other places to be, I just couldn’t stop myself from admiring and photographing this little gem !

‘ number 39  –  Burra, SA’

~ by Tony Middleton on June 15, 2010.

17 Responses to “Number 39…”

  1. Loving the colors there Tony, I am sure I will see some of that color as well mate when I move next year.

  2. Very nice Tone!

  3. How inviting , I just want to know what’s down the path past the gate. I found myself leaning to the right when looking at this just to see a little more. Perfect image Tone

    • hey Adrian, what a great comment mate. Would you believe even when I was there in person I was peering straight down that path over the little ‘bridge’ wondering the exact same thing ! Freaky yet picturesque place haha

  4. Very nice mate, quaint little town that.

  5. Nice work Tony, how much more from your SA trip has you got to process? Were you able to recover from your damaged HD?

    • hey Batesy !
      I’ve got truckloads and some film to get processed too. Still haven’t got the stuff off that USB drive yet either (grrr). But I still have more than enough work to do as it is… *eeeep*
      A pity you aren’t in vic this w/e – our teams play each other in a pretty crucial match *bites nails* lol


  6. Great colour mate, nice scene too.

  7. And well worth hanging around for Tony! It’s a shame we don’t get those autumn colours up here!

    • hey Tim,
      There are positives and negatives to everywhere mate… that’s why I like to get about as much as I can 🙂

  8. wonderful shot Tony- glad I got to have a good look this time.
    had a sneak peak yesterday but was in too much of a hurry to appreciate it.
    just a damn beautiful photo hey.
    it works very well in the square format, i like it a lot. and if you had a landscape format of just the bottom half- you have yourself a totally different image with a very different feel to it, and works just as well 🙂

    • hey Stephen,
      It’s funny you mention a different format as I have a couple of different panos of this spot as well. 🙂
      thanks for stopping by for a better look and comment 🙂

  9. lovely composition.

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