The Great River…

Here it is – Australia’s greatest river ! The Murray, who wants to see it looking all pristine, colourful, with a surface like glass ?  Nope here it is in it’s current dirty grungey state. Thick fog sweeping through after over night rains as the sun of ‘good’ tries to break through and bring colour and life to the land overwhelmed by the darkside. No room for pristine images here, a grungey take on the great river to reflect it’s neglect, misuse and total lack of respect. The areas of sunlight on the scene may even represent the fact that only now are ‘we’ starting to realise how we have destroyed these ecosystems and may finally be attempting to rectify things…

Within the fullsize image you can see a nice sharp house boat moored to the lefthand bank from the night before.

‘ The Great River  –  Murray River, SA’

~ by Tony Middleton on June 8, 2010.

14 Responses to “The Great River…”

  1. A Passionate Post about a Pristine River gone wrong mate…nicely put!

    • Cheers mate – passionate about the environment and the world we threaten to leave for future generations. A good opportunity to make a voice on this one. 🙂

  2. Concur mate, the river is looking terrible, has a green tinge to it. Not much of the flood waters from up North will reach the Coorong….filled up the Menindee lakes and the rice paddies though so that we can grow grapes and rice in the friggin desert…..go figure

    • hey Andrew,
      Yeah it looks disgusting – I don’t like to say that but it’s the truth ! Go Humanity ! 😐


  3. Great post Tony and yeah, go mankind, we really rock! Cannot believe the mighty Murray looks like that, floating muddy chocolaty dirty 😦

    • hey Flembob !
      Yeah we are ACE how we stuff more things up than we preserve ! 😐
      It actually looked worse than the Brisbane, Yarra and Torrens rivers combined – Eeeep ! At least it has a bit more water than recent years in it I think… (?)

  4. i have found memories of camping along the murray 🙂
    good times

    very nice photo tony

    • Hi Chloe,
      I hope all is well with you. I bet you have, there are so many gorgeous spots over 3 states along the river 🙂

  5. looks like sh1t, what a shame. What we need is a cull. Less humans more nature. Whos going first? Tommy Putt maybe, all his metrosexual creams and oils must be fouling up every water course in Victoria.

    • Thanks mate I’m stoked you like this one so much ! Oh the river… yep… it does, so I wanted to portray it in a unhealthy dirty way to emphasize the point. I dunno who goes first… I was thinking bogans, some would say the Qld cotton magnates, but you maybe hit on a striking new theory there. lol


  6. It’s a real shame to see one of Australia’s great rivers reduced to this! The real shame is that all the stakeholders,state & federal governments cannot sort it out!!
    I heard on ABC radio recently that none of the water from the floods in the Murray – Darling catchment will make it into the Murray River! Something is wrong with our use of water in this country !!!
    cheers mate,

    • Great comment Tim – I think the more politicians that get involved the longer it will take, if at all… *Eeeep*

  7. Never seen the Murray river tony, But any river thats still got water in it must still be in with a chance surely. I could say more on the subject but all I know is where money is involved with industry nature will always come second.
    Hope your holiday went well.

    • Very true Hodgy… sad but a fact hey…
      The trip was just a little teaser for me… I get cabin fever if I don’t venture off somewhere regularly… Need to do a PROPER trip again – soon !

      enjoy your trip (as you would be) and thanks for reading. 🙂

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