Feathertop hues…

This one’s from a glorious sunset on Mt Hotham looking across to Mt Feathertop. The mountain mists with the play of gorgeous pink light was something to behold. It painted the snowgum skeletons from the 2003 alpine fires a roaring pastel pink for a fleeting moment as it danced across the alpine vista.

This image is a section of a 12 image stitch from the 5DII so the full size is pretty sweet ! Though I can only dream of this one if it was with the infamous (although evidently slightly frustrating) TD Phase One !

‘ Mt Feathertop  –  Alpine Victoria’


~ by Tony Middleton on May 13, 2010.

24 Responses to “Feathertop hues…”

  1. Great shot

  2. That has promises for sure Tone, can’t wait to see the finished stitch as this has absolutely gorgeous light!

  3. This is a great shot Tony! Like to see the full stitch.

    • thanks Tim – I’ll get around to finishing that pano oneday… I can’t seem to stop getting out and about experiencing and shooting though 🙂

  4. Very nice – love the soft tones

    • Thanks TP – It was great catching up yesty and congrats on your APPA’s 🙂

  5. +1 looking forward to the full image. The light and lines look great in this section 🙂

    • I had to run my arse off up the road to catch this fleeting bit of light, Tommy P wasn’t too far behind but it was too brief on those trees.
      This is a square crop from the stitch so it comprises of 2-3 images in itself. I’m still sorting heaps of stuff out so I[m not sure when I’ll get back to the pan, I just couldn’t resist this square stitch/crop with that light 🙂
      cheers everyone !

  6. Yeah real nice tones in this one, can’t wait to see the full shot… I’m heading to Melbourne for the APPA’s and PMA so might be able to shoot some of the city down there if im lucky

    • Cool Darren,
      Yell out in advance of you being about Melb and we may be able to catch up.

  7. very nice mate, love the square.

  8. Love it mate, you sure got the best angle. I just did a stitch from that arvo with the Phase. Came in at 187″ wide, ouch, the detail was nuts!

    • Geebus Fletch ! You would have been stitching that one since you got home. What is that 7 images ?

      cheers mate 🙂

  9. oh Tony this is nice.
    my kinda scene hey
    can you imagine the day that us photographers are actually at a location and prepared for the good light!? 😛
    it’s funny how that is usually when the best images come about- and this is sure one of those times 🙂

    • hey Stephen – yeah it was a pretty special evening/moment in particular, I just wished i had more time with the light on the trees.. ie more than 1 minute !


  10. Sweet shot mate…lovin the colour refelecting off the colours of the sunset on the foreground shrubs.

    Glad we didn’t rush off to Mt Buffalo eh!

  11. Only six mate

    • ONLY six huh… lots of pixels to be processed there 🙂 Well done at the APPA’s mate. It was great seeing familiar images and scenes.

  12. Nice shot Tony love the light on the shrub in the foreground

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