Autumn colour…

After a hectic time of late I got away for a few days up to the Bright region in NE Victoria to catch up with Christian FLetcher,Tommy Putt, Mark Stothard for the spectacular display of autumn colours. It was also fantastic to meet and catch up with Clint Baker, Philbo and Neal Pritchard whom were also there for the display.

I took this image one morning wandering along the Ovens river and streets in the mist and drizzle with Christian, Tommy P and Mark.

more to come soon…

‘ Ovens river  –  Bright, Victoria’


~ by Tony Middleton on May 11, 2010.

12 Responses to “Autumn colour…”

  1. Great shot Tone!

    A totally different perspective than I got from there eh!



    • hey Mark, You were just to the left of frame on the river bank whilst I was taking this one.
      tone 🙂

  2. Hey Tony,
    I have been eagerly awaiting your posts from Bright. This image is great, love it.
    Its amazing what perspectives you all had.
    Cheers Adrian

    • hi Adrian,
      Yeah I’m not even in the running to win the ‘blog-off’ that Mark and Tommy P had running ! Better late than never though 🙂

  3. Nice Tony! Been enjoying the images from this place from all the other guys as well. looks like a neat place.


    • hey Tim,
      Yeah it is a pretty nice place that is for sure – the autumn colour displays are spectacular to say the least !

  4. Ah so thats what you were looking at!! Nice pic mate. Was good to meet you and I’m sure we will catch up again for further shoots. Cheers

    • hey Fletch,
      I snuck in a pan of the river up on the bridge… I enjoyed it immensely mate – heaps of laughs, greasey burgers and a few beers… Thanks for your tips and I look fwd to catching up again !


  5. i’ve heard a lot about this place- and going on the images we’ve all seen over the last few days it’s easy to see why!
    nice work Tony 🙂

    • heya Stephen,
      yeah plenty of different sorts of shots to be had in the region that is for sure. It makes a bit of a nice change to be honest.


  6. Nice shot Tony, I have been meaning to return to Bright and this area in the Autumn, I guess it will have to be next year now. Looking forward to more photos.

    • hey Michael, I know what you are saying… I had missed it a number of times recently.
      tone 🙂

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