the Rhyll thing…

Last night nature provided some unseasonally good lightning active storms. Given that the temperature was nudging a lovely 29C by midday and ample moisture about, storms were bound to go up. So sure enough, I was out there having a look. I ended up trying to spend most of my time dodging rain and mozzies rather than close lightning strikes ! I still managed a few images from Rhyll on Phillip Island as the storms passed over Fench Island and Westernport bay.

‘ the Rhyll thing  –  Phillip Island, Victoria’


~ by Tony Middleton on April 21, 2010.

18 Responses to “the Rhyll thing…”

  1. Nice one Tony, you seam to be able to track these storms down well and get that magic shot.

    • hey Matt,
      Cheers mate, it possibly comes from understanding meteorology better than the average person and 15yrs of storm chasing across the country.

      t 🙂

  2. sweet shot!!! damm mozzies, worth the effort when you get that good strike though

    • Thanks Darren – yeah anything that can bite seems to love my sweet blood !
      argh 🙂

  3. Cool shot Tony, I like the layer of cloud, then lightning then ocean.

    • hey Tom,
      I hope you are enjoying yourself on the NSW coast still mate. Yeah the base detail of the cloud is what makes the shot IMO.

  4. im with thomas, liking that layering!. gotta love a good lightning shot!

  5. i wonder if we were out capturing the same storm(?) 🙂
    i didnt get any good photos *disappointed*
    this is awesome BTW

    • Hi Chloe,
      Did you get any worthwhile images ? Where were you located… It could have been the same storm, or at least the same complex of storms. If so I’d imagine that you would have been on the northern flank and myself on the southern.

      tone 🙂

  6. Nice Tony! The clouds make the shot for me!

  7. the storm chaser in full flight, nice work Tone….. We got the lightning show but no rain.

    • thanks Andrew – yeah it was a nice show but not overly photogenic… managed 21mm at home from that night – not too bad.


  8. wow! i like how the clouds cut the photo in half, and the water cuts it in half again. and the monochromatic purples are beautiful.

    • hey Stephen,
      Yeah I feel it came out well considering the lightning itself was a little distant for my liking, bit hard to get any closer when it’s over water ! lol


  9. Incredible.

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