heaven’s jetty…

Time for a new post. I hope everyone has had a safe and fun easter !  I’m sure plenty of you have been out shooting somewhere over the break, I haven’t done any and have been just kicking back locally this year. Though it does look like there is a chance of some nice light this evening so hopefully I might get out with the gear and get something nice.

I finally got around to editing this shot it into BW as I had intended to at the time of shooting. I really like the calming peace of this one and it was a very patient wait for the fickle ‘god rays’.

‘ heaven’s jetty  –  Canon 5DII ’’

~ by Tony Middleton on April 5, 2010.

30 Responses to “heaven’s jetty…”

  1. Great capture with the rays Tone, and great jetty.

  2. awesome shot!

  3. Hi Tony,

    What an amazing shot. The detail in the wood and the God rays do it for me.


    • hey Jamie,
      Yeah I love stuff with heaps of character like that. I actually ventured off to this particular spot (40min drive from where I was) purely hoping there would be some god rays present to make the image.

  4. Nice work Tone, the old B&W making a comeback I feel and this shot works very well

  5. Hey Tone
    i don’t know what it is about jetties but they are always an interesting focal point… great shot


    • hey Darren,
      Yeah I know… and I feel the older and more dilapidated they are the better !

  6. great work once again Tony.
    those rays are just perfect for this image- gives it that little bit extra

    • hey Stephen,
      Thanks mate and one thing for sure is those rays were freakin frustrating to get ! (lots of waiting and disappointment going on as they appeared elsewhere and didn’t move to the right spot or faded etc) lol


  7. Patience is a virtue Tony! Well worth the wait for this image… perfect mate.

  8. Nice one Tone!

  9. this is truely amazing tony!

    p.s hope you’re feeling better x

  10. Hi Tony, this is awesome. Like jamie said the detail in the deck is spot on. The rays add such a warm element to the image. Fantastic capture, worth the drive cheers Adrian

  11. fantastic – really gorgeous. it the vanishing point with the magical rays shining beyond creates some impulse to just walk off the pier and continue walking on the water. really nice work!

    • thanks Stephen ! yeah I know what you are saying as that’s the feeling I was hoping to evoke as well, hence the holy themed title.
      Strapped for time atm so I’ll try and find time to read your blog when possible.


  12. Very nice shot mate…… the title fits the shot perfect!!!

  13. Awesome capture Tone,

    The patience paid off with those light rays. Like the B&W conversion as well.


    • hey Mike,
      thanks for finding the time to stop by and comment mate – much appreciated 🙂

  14. i like how the ripples seem to blend into the slats of the jetty, looks like the jetty is floating. in fact, the whole scene is weightless – a fine image for lifting spirits (n.p.i).

    • hi Cain,
      Well picked up on the ripples, I never thought of it like that but was hoping for a ‘floating’ type effect. We should catch up again some time soon.

      tone 🙂

  15. “Two Thumbs Up.. Way Up” – Beautifully depicted, loving the minimalistic quality!

    • thanks MissIvy – this is a style that I really enjoy bringing out in landscapes.

      cheers, 🙂

  16. For sure Cain.. yes it can be a bit err…. un inspiring to be about in the outdoors at this time of the year.
    t 🙂

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