burning fog

Now with the ‘autumn break’ arriving across most of Victoria, a high majority of the state receiving at least 20mm in recent days and some areas in access of 200mm in recent weeks.

This looks to be my last image of the dry summer season ! You can just make out green tinges in the gullies from the storms the week before and the storms that followed this dawn already have a green tinge spreading across the land !

Here in the hills a morning fog is burning off before a day of humidity and the promise of storms and rain.

‘ Burning fog  –  Gippsland, Vic. ’

(edit tweak with help from TN Mark – thanks mate ! )

~ by Tony Middleton on March 9, 2010.

14 Responses to “burning fog”

  1. Nice rolling hills shot Tony, always nice going into a autumn without a blackened landscape. Thankfully we got throughout the summer without a campaign fire. But I am missing summer already.

    • I know Tom, I feel sadness myself this evening – It was only yesterday that I was in the surf and it was still beautiful, though this weather and the low positioning will cause a bit of an upwelling and SST’s start to drop… not too mention how cold and windy it feels tonight !

  2. Nice one Tone…if I could add a suggestion I reckon you could highlight the grass in the bottom right hand corner to add a bit of a feature.



    • hey Mark,
      thanks for the idea mate, though I’m not exactly sure how you mean… feel free to give it an edit and send it to me if you like ?

      tone 🙂

  3. Hi Tony,

    What a wicked, wicked shot. I love seeing that fog roll in.


    • hey Jamie,
      Yeah it can be pretty magical ! this lot came up the valley…I thought it was going to ruin my scene, it got to there and lifted a little before retreating back down. It was pretty cool to watch ! And the place is looking greener already now !

      tone 🙂

  4. What is your email address Tone..I have ‘tweeked’ this for you and need to email it as I saved it as a TIFF with the layer added so you can see what I did.



    • Thanks Mark – It looks pretty good ! thanks for the processing idea and re-edit mate 🙂


  5. I just uploaded a slight re-edit of this shot with great thanks to Mark – cheers mate ! If you don’t know Mark he is a great guy and one of, if not ‘the’ most prolific bloggers in the land – check out his blog as it’s updated almost hourly with inspiring shots from everywhere !

  6. Looks good there Tone…and thanks for the great wrap mate!

    I will continue to offer suggestions for you if something takes my eye!

  7. a very divisive composition Tony – on a number of levels. on a related note, i see in the paper (Age) today we’re expecting a lot of water to come down the Darling into the Murray. the satellite photo shows huge amounts of water inland.

    • g’day Cain,
      Unfortunately I missed the article in the Age but I have no doubt about the flows making their way south in that catchment and still in the lake eyre catchments. The sat pics would be great !


  8. wow, it looks as though the fog must have been moving fast to have had such a distinctive edge to it, nice timing Tones

    • It was a strange set up Mat – the fog was moving up the valley, pretty much got to the point in this image before lifting and burning off – pretty cool to watch.

      Thanks for your support of my blog and work Mat.

      tone 🙂

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