ISP outage !

Hi readers,

I have been without internet for the better part of a week due to my ISP getting it’s switchboard fried via a electricity surge from lightning last week – at least I’m impressed with the way it got taken out 🙂

So hopefully over the coming days I’ll be able to post and catch up on everyone’s blogs…


tone  🙂

~ by Tony Middleton on March 3, 2010.

8 Responses to “ISP outage !”

  1. Bummer when you are without the internet these days eh Tone!

    I had that a few weeks ago due to a faulty Telstra modem and crap service by same!

    Nothing like the adventure story of your loss of internet!

    • hi Mark,
      Yeah it is something that I am just used to having at home – I use it more than television. If out and about weeks or longer without net access is no drama.. I guess homelife can get a little routine…

      tone 🙂

  2. Hopefully you are getting some rain, nice little cell over you at the moment, hopefully it doesn’t fry your Exchange again.

  3. At least you have power mate, we’ve just got it back after a few days without due to that massive storm…..been quite a nice change actually, except for the stuff in the freezer

    • Pity about the frozens mate. Where abouts are you located Andrew ? Did you cop the hail, if so what size ?

      • Clematis, little town before Emerald. Hail was probably 3-4 cm’s but other places had bigger. Still enough to damage car etc. Was more the swirling wind, apparently wasn’t far off being a tornado but you’d know more about that than I.

  4. Nice spot there Andrew – no wonder it has remained green around your area this year.
    I was not aware that out that far east copped 3-4’s as well. Sorry to hear that it damaged your car (?). It all depends on the molecular makeup caused by what’s going on upstairs to determine the hardness of the stones. I have had 6cm ones not damage my car, as they were soft conglomerate type in composition, where as others can be solid almost glazed single stones.
    There was a few suspicious damage trails in the state from the w/e… some quality video of things would help confirm any tornadoes though !


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