It has been another dreadfully dry summer which is the ‘trend’ in the last 10 yrs it seems. Our major rainfall deficiencies statistically seem to be between Dec and May.

With some warm and humid conditions about in Victoria lately thanks predominantly to a surface trough and more recently the interaction of an approaching upper trough. There has been quite a few storms across the state – mainly on the ranges. Storms have been rather HP (high precipitation) in nature with falls of upto 70mm  being recorded and some nice gusty outflows upto 139km/h !

Whilst not having overly much luck in my immediate neck of the woods I did manage to score this ‘bomb’ going off about 30km’s to my east yesterday arvo… There were some welcomed gaugings of 40+mm from this one.

‘ B O M B  –  Canon EOS 5D mkII ’


~ by Tony Middleton on February 11, 2010.

6 Responses to “B O M B”

  1. Thats a beauty Tone!

    Looks like a Hiroshima nuclea bomb cloud eh!

    Are you guys strating to glow over there by any chance!!! 🙂

    • hey Mark,
      Yeah it was an awesome updraught ! one of many that afternoon.

      Nah I think the only glowing may be coming from people getting sunburnt lately – lol 😐

      tone 🙂

  2. Yeah the big falls missed us too leaving 4 small ‘annoying’ fires in the park. Just that 50mm last week with about 6mm this week.

    • hey Tom,
      It sounds like you still fared better than us on the Sth Gippy coast then… Other parts of the region have done will falls varying upto 150-200mm for the week !

  3. Love it, Tony. Well done.

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