anyone for 5 sets ?

Late last year I stumbled across this gem in outback Qld. Out in the middle of western Qld and well over 100km’s from anything even resembling a town was this recreation reserve. Complete with it’s own airstrip – the pros clearly fly in- fly out here !  It also had new floodlights, shower blocks and a clubroom surrounded by tables and chairs with 3 BBQ’s !  Plenty of 44gal drums as bins were full of empties which were representational of goodtimes for those that make it here.

‘ Outback tennis  –  Qld. (6 image stitch, 5DII ) ’

~ by Tony Middleton on January 15, 2010.

11 Responses to “anyone for 5 sets ?”

  1. Hi Tony,

    This is so cool. I’d love to know the real story behind this tennis court. How it came to be etc…


    • hi Jamie,
      Yeah I love finding stuff like this out whoop whoop. Seriously though I think it’s just a social gathering point for everyone in the district to get together and have a good time every now and then 🙂

  2. Great find Tony, probably some election commitment.

    • hey Tom,
      Yeah it’s pretty cool and I can only imagine the laughs and copius beers they must have when they get together there every so often.

  3. Probably a mining operation either about to start ar has been abandoned for now. It would be strange to come across though!

    • hi Tim,
      Nah no mining operations within hundreds of k’s here mate… It’s just the focal point for all the station workers/farmers within the region I’d say. And I bet they have some beers/laughs there too ! 🙂

  4. Nice court, reminds me of my Xmas holidays when I was a youngster. Oh minus the all the facilities you mention.

  5. would love to see it on dusk with the lights on.

    • yeah – that would look great ! With one of those outback toned twilights etc… though I was waiting around 6months for it to happen 🙂

  6. nice. dirt court or have they not swept the red dust off? outback sport is special – i take it you’ve seen the golf course at coober pedy? the same element of unpredictability of where the ball will bounce should’ve been used in this tennis court for it to be true outback…i hope they have glow in the dark balls when the generator breaks down

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