the season rolls on…

Firstly – SEASONS GREETINGS to all my blog readers !  thanks to all whom have commented and supported my blog this year, it is really much appreciated and I hope you enjoyed it.

Tonight with TC Laurence (cat.5) smashing down on the Pilbara coast providing some excellent internet weather watching data and statistics there is quite a contrast down here in the south of the country as it was a lovely day in southern Vicco. Later on the week we will see some of that moisture drawn down here and potentially some very interesting (and wet) weather ahead for a belt right across the centralish corridor of the continent through to NSW/Sth Qld. A stunning vis. sat pic of the eye about to cross the coast near Wallal/Mandora on the Eighty mile beach in the east Pilbara/Kimberley. Central pressure 925HPa, Estimated wind gusts near centre – 285km/h.    BEASTLY !

‘ MTSAT-1R   TC Laurence Cat.5 – Pilbara/Kimberley 21-12-2009 ’

In the recent blog themes of harvesting from WA and bloggers such as Merv. Here’s a shot of some hay across the road from my place on twilight tonight.

‘ Gippsland hay – Sth Gippsland, Vic. ’

~ by Tony Middleton on December 21, 2009.

21 Responses to “the season rolls on…”

  1. that is beast! i just checked out the most recent loop from the BOM. i suppose it’s a good thing there’s not many towns in its path.

    • hey Cain,
      yeah he had real good definition on the eye and re-intensified rapidly, the major destructive region appeared to be quite tight and small though.

  2. Merry xmas to you Tony ! Have a good one. cheers jules

  3. Got a mate driving a rig tender out off that coast, he was a bit worried about it! It has certainly done some twists & turns!

    All the Best for Xmas & New Year Tony!


    • Cheers Tim,
      They certainly can be erratic in their movement Tim – all the best over the festive season mate !

  4. Hi Tony
    This one come close to my Uncle’s cattle station (DeGrey). No damage this time round but a couple of years the eye Cyclone John also a cat 5 passed only 30 km west of the homestead. Lots of rain and even more damage!

    Heard that there is lots of damage a Mandora and Wallal Stations as well as the 80 Mile Beach caravan park.

    • hey Dave,
      The Pilbara coast is a real haven for severe TC’s that is for sure ! Do you know how much rain he got yesty ? I’m speculating 300mm+ is not out of the question as DeGrey was well situated in the wetter quadrant of the TC. Mandora ended up with 240mm+ from the 24 hrs with peak gust of 211km/h and lowest pressure of 928HPa !
      I’m not surprised they suffered some major damage as they were all within vicinity of pretty much a direct hit and then it comes down to luck and local topography to whether you cop a 230km/h or a 280km/h gust I think…

      I don’t know how big the storm surge was, do you ?

      Feel free to flow any info or pics you get to hand on here please mate 🙂

      all the best,
      tone 🙂

  5. Gotta love those cyclones mate! Made for some awesome pics today that you will see that I have just posted. 1005 hpa here in Perth even today!!

    Merry Xmas Ton!


    True North Mark

  6. eeeeep that looks scary! :/

    merry christmas tony, all the best for 2010 🙂

    • hi Chloe,
      thanks very much and all the best for you and all your loved ones over the festive season ! I look fwd to reading and seeing more from you in 2010 !!! 🙂

  7. I’ve been meaning to get a hay shot, but just haven’t found the right location.

    I hope 2010 is a good year ahead for you, any plans?


    • hi Tom,
      I’m sure your hay shot is just around the corner…. or over the road like this one for me.
      Nothing BIG planned this year at this stage- depends a lot on family health atm…
      All the best in 2010 mate !

      tone 🙂

  8. have a good chrissy and new years Tony. 🙂
    it sure was a mean storm wasn’t it- as was mentioned above lucky it didn’t hit more populated area’s.

    found it quite fascinating how it held it’s form so far inland like it did!
    i can’t say i’ve one do that to that extent before hey

    • Happy New Year Stephen !

      Yep – reaching cat 5 twice is pretty impressive ! It basically controlled the entire mainlands weather for the best part of a month, from it begining as a tropical low north of Gove right through to a few days ago flooding NW NSW and W Qld as a trough – NICE !

      all the best ion 2010 !

      tone 🙂

  9. Worth the visit over the road to the hay Tony

    Laurence has sure dumped some moisture over the continent , i’d like to know how much water in tonnes he let go !!

    • hey Merv – Happy New Year mate !

      yeah it was worth the long arduous trip… the gate was even left open just to make it easier… 😉
      It would be a staggering amount that is for sure and certainly welcomed by most and to say it was needed would be an understatement !
      all the best on 2010 !

      tone 🙂

  10. it’s about time you gave us an update 🙂 …

  11. Sweet Hay stack shot bud, lovely light! I can never seem to get a good hay stack shot haha

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