Ken Duncan is frustrated too !

Some of you may have already seen or read these but for myself it was great to stumble across a couple of articles written by  Kenny D last night. He expresses his frustration about the over regulation of things and photography as well !

KD article 1

KD article 2

I dislike conformity and over regulation – Victoria and the eastern seaboard are so over regulated by ‘do gooders’ and with the mentality of ‘someone else has to be responsible or held accountable for everything’  that it drives me absolutely nuts !  It’s part of the reason I love to escape to the far flung and less populated parts of the country every year… Over regulated and ridiculous bureaucracy is alive and kicking all over the place now it seems… I go to my local beach and there are so many things that you aren’t allowed to do that they need 2 signs to fit it all on.. there are more things you aren’t allowed to do than you are ! Perhaps it would be easier, cheaper and less obtrusive if they just put up a sign saying what we could do ?  There are now signs every 100m warning you that you could fall off a cliff – geebus,what an astonishing revelation !  And all this costs money and requires resources… I’m going to put up a sign “WARNING – GRAVITY KILLS ! ”  seriously…  Now there’s a T-shirt !  or another  “Natural Selection is Dead”.

I understand population pressure = more idiots = more regulation etc etc… but sheesh !

I once got interrogated by an NT parks and wildlife employee for my right to photograph a storm cloud that was sitting over Kakadon’t NP and how I didn’t have and required a permit to take a photograph of it…  seriously…

I’m with ya on this one Ken !

~ by Tony Middleton on December 8, 2009.

13 Responses to “Ken Duncan is frustrated too !”

  1. Hi Tony,

    Interesting articles. Thanks for sharing. I must admit I’d be really annoyed if someone tried to stop me from taking photographs, especially since I take a lot of photos down at the beach.


    • hi Jamie – yeah you are spot on.. It is deadset annoying and IMO generally pedantic


  2. I think it is up to the individual to approach the photographer if they do not wish to have their face in the shot.
    Apart from that, no organisation or individual would own the intellectual property of a “natural location”, the only thing they could get you on is trespassing, but on public land that would be hard to do. I wouldn’t think it would hold up in court.

    I think for NT Parks & Wildlife it would simply be a revenue raiser.

    But I am no lawyer, but show me the legislation.

    • Hi Tom,
      Yeah I fully understand individuals having the right to being photographed.. not so sure about landscapes,bridges and clouds though !


  3. Great articles and he is absolutely right! Our individual libertys are slowly being eroded and is happening so stealthily that you don’t notice until it is too late.
    As for shooting in a National Park, aren’t they funded by taxpayers money for the enjoyment of the public?
    Too much beureaucracy in this country these days!

    • hi Tim,
      Yeah exactly – I’ve often said over the years that we are becoming most policed and over regulated country in the free world… And it shits me no end the erosion of our civil liberties…

      Aren’t photographers giving NP’s, states and Australia free advertising ?



  4. I’ve been harassed in a number of places ranging from the city to the story I touched on in the post… Do they think they own the atmosphere as well ! The next thing is that we’ll need a permit to breath that air too ! It’s just ludicrous, my mate and I could NOT BELIEVE that thing dressed as a human in parks uniform and vehicle was for real… ‘It’ got so up tight that she tried to take our details and even wrote down our rego number – lol TOURISM NT eat ya self alive !

  5. I have just read the article and now i’m mad as hell. I think Ken has basically hit the nail on head, Rules created by ignorant people who need to get a life. it affects my business every day in all sorts of ways and I to am fed up. I thought I might go on an extended holiday this winter and take some photos but it seems the bureaucratic B.Shit is going to follow me.

    • hi Hodgy,
      I know what you are saying mate.. And after years of increasing frustration I was very happy to stumble upon Ken’s articles and to read that he was voicing his disgust on all this as well.


  6. Great article Tony and I am with you 100%!

    I have a better T shirt slogan as well…..’Gravity is a myth…the Earth Sucks’!!!

    Old skydiving saying that one…along with ‘man small…why fall…skies call..that’s all!!

    But back to the subject matter: our generation are the victims of ourselves really. The early push for everyone to get degrees rather than gettng a trade…too many Lawyers and not enough to sue about….so sue for everything…then councils have to get legaal opinions on what they need to warn about and around the vicious merry go round we go!

    With North Star we are constantly battling various bureaucracies and it has cost us thousands of dollars over the years.

    We are the most awarded Cruise company ever in the History of Cruising in Australia and yet we still seem to be the major target of some of these entities…almost like ‘Tall Poppy syndrome’!

    In WA the Liberal Government have actually tasked a ‘Red Tape’ brigade to investigate some of these rogue entities and the Department of Environment over here was seen as the very worst offender for too much red tape. This year they decided that the Tourism council in WA were no longer accredited enough to do our review, so we have to get our accreditation from QLD. Some 500 pages later that took 3 people 3 weeks to do, we finally got our accreditation for this year…then we have to do it again next year!

    Over it I am!!

    Great article mate!

    True North Mark!

    • hey Mark,
      Great to read your thoughts and experiences as well. It such a self perpetuating industry IMO… the more rules and regulations, the more resources are required to process and enforce them and this ridiculous circle just keeps spiraling out of control… Your now yearly ordeal is another perfect example of all this lunacy.
      Public liability is just nuts.. I recall some people once taking a NP (forget which and which state) to court for a branch falling on their tent – (perhaps tragically killing one and injuring another) and winning a massive payout.
      So yeah lets cut all the trees down as well from now on… 😐

      best of luck,
      tone 🙂

  7. Great topic Tony. Well done mate!!
    Nothing makes my blood boil more than all the red tape that goes with taking photos. Here’s a tip fellas. When taking photos just say your not a pro and have never sold a pic in your lifetime. The great thing with digital is that loads non pros and enthusiests of people have ‘big lenses and cameras’. Just pretent to be one of them. Whenever I go shooting I just keep my head down and try not to draw attention to myself!

    I used to ‘do the right thing’ and get permits etc but you just get interigated and treated like a fool. All for the chance of a amage that probably won’t be any good anyway!

    So if anyone with a badge asks I’m not a pro and am just snappy away like all the other tourist!

    Great post Tony! And a very politically incorrect Merry Chistmas to you mate!


  8. Our liberties are being eroded through a progressive movement under the guise of so many means and its has being going on for years … Carbon Tax is the latest bold move by the progressives. If you think the pollies are doing it for the environment, you need to take a few steps back from the trees and take a look a look at the forrest. Its about government having more influence and control over the average persons lives. The people should be controlling the government not the government controlling the people. Last I checked this was not the Russia/China or North Korea …

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