prime real estate…

These terns seem to love the posts on this little jetty. I had seen birds on these numerous times before and thought they looked pretty cool. I had ventured to the spot a few times hoping to get a shot similar to this but the birds never co-operated… Sometimes there would be seagulls hogging this prime real estate, but for some reason they just seemed to ‘flighty’ when I would be about to take the shot !  This particular foggy morning the terns were having their turn at the prime real estate and it all came together and I shot this on 6×17 and this is a 6×6 crop so I’m pretty stoked with it.

‘prime real estate  –  medium format 6×6 velvia. ’


~ by Tony Middleton on November 29, 2009.

14 Responses to “prime real estate…”

  1. im so amused by this photograph tony
    amused because they are all facing the same way & they are on almost every post 😀
    thanks for sharing!

    • hi Chloe,
      Yes it is quite funny, especially if anyone had been watching me trying to get this shot for over an hour ! They may have been thinking ‘nutcase’ actually.. lol
      But as you have noted about them all facing the same is as if there is a wind and they are orientated accordingly..but it was calm and foggy..
      I wanted one on every post – hence I was there for over an hour and just as I was about to take this exposure the one flew off the near right post !


  2. Nice shot mate, nice of them to face the same way for you as well. That won’t happen again for a while!

    • hey Tim,
      They are very well trained aren’t they ! though it was more persistance and luck really… this prime real estate is in demand and there would constantly be a couple of birds missing out on perches so they would be heckling those with perches… So bassically there was birds switching and flying about regularly..


  3. Great timing mate.

  4. Nice capture Tony, could work really well in B&W also

    • Thanks Luke – yeah I dabbled with a conversion but felt it lacked something…perhaps tonal range.. ?


  5. Nice shot Tony…the Pelicans in Henderson do similar things!

    • hi Mark,
      Yeah there are pelicans around this spot too and they sort of get in on the act.. On this particular day they were satisfied with the REAL BIG property… channel markers !
      Get a pic of them – try to get one on every pole ! here the closest pole is only about 8ft away (this jetty has a 45 deg. bend just from where I took this shot, so in order to achieve it in this way I have to get very close ! )


  6. imo terns are the james dean of the bird world – so sleek, sharp edged, cool and calm as evidenced by them sitting still for you, not being intimidated by your presence.

    • Great analogy Cain ! they were very well behaved compared to the seagulls (urgh) and pelicans during previous visits and attempts to get birds on every post !


  7. love the symmetry

  8. Patients pays off Tony. Nice work, I like how it fades into the horizon, i think it helps bring out those stubborn tenants! 😉

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