Arthurs seat…

A quick image from the Mornington Peninsula about a month or so ago now.  It was a gorgeous sunny day and I took this from one of the observation points whilst on my way to meet some friends at the Portsea pub for lunch. The bay and Peninsula looked great… but not great enough for me to set up a tripod and shoot it properly if you know what I mean.

I was very impressed that this 11 shot stitch that I took handheld from standing on top of a steel guard railing worked so well, when the images were input into PTGui the greatest control point distance on the auto alignment was less than 10 pixels out !  So maybe that’s part of the reason I’m posting this.. who needs overpriced pan heads when you can shoot 11 image stitches like that !

‘ Arthurs seat  –  Canon 5D2. ’

~ by Tony Middleton on November 24, 2009.

12 Responses to “Arthurs seat…”

  1. stunning view!

    • yeah it is up there Chloe ! I took this on the same day you went jetskiing down that way…


      tone (-:

  2. Beautiful colour in that water, makes you want to go swimming. great location to!

    • hi Mike,
      Yeah the water colour in the shallows down that part of the bay ca often look pretty exotic – I agree about the swimming !

      tone 🙂

  3. Tony I’d say 30%-40% of my pano’s are taken hand held. That’s because when I’m out and about and moving from place to place sometimes you don’t have time to go thru the ritual of setting up.

    Ptgui does a fantastic job of putting them together, they don’t always work but most of the time they’re not bad as you’ve shown here.

    I would bet anybody that they would not be able to pick this shot as a handheld if they weren’t told.

    • hey Merv,
      Yeah I’ve done a few myself as well, more so on scenes like this where I like it but don’t care ‘too’ much if I stuff it up. This one just had the extra element of difficulty of balancing on one of those roadside steel guard rails whilst I took it… 11 frames – I had to laugh !

      tone 🙂

  4. Beautiful day and a nice shot! One of my sharpest panos was a nine image handheld stich that I did in the Kimberley. Couldn’t believe the quality of that one, PTgui rocks!

    • hey Tim,
      Yeah It’s pretty cool to pull one out of the bag occasionally isn’t it ! PTGui does rock except when it comes to detailess ocean horizons or something… then it’s just a prick ! haha

      cheers and get well soon !

  5. Hi Tony,

    Absolutely awesome colour in the water. I lived in Dromana halfway up Arthurs Seat for 18mths and never saw a day like this. Great capture.


    • hey Jamie,
      I have a mate who lives in a similar spot to where you did…I find most times I venture down that way and if its a nice day like this the water looks pretty sweet… Maybe you scored 18months of winter ! (which must have been a long time ago since we have been in drought for 11years…) lol


  6. Oh, Home!!!! This photo is just brilliant.

    • It certainly is your backyard – literally. Looks great on a day like that hey Mat 🙂

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