flash in the night…

This was a shot from the following night (of my previous post) this time taken from Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula. The storms fired after dark once again though this time they were 97% in-cloud lightning – not quite as spectacular but still pretty nice to watch and photograph. I managed to catch a little crawler popping out of the base over Rye, the cloud structure illuminated and a beautiful night sky above.

Sorrento II

‘ flash in the night  –  Port Phillip Bay, Vic. ’


~ by Tony Middleton on November 14, 2009.

21 Responses to “flash in the night…”

  1. getting a nice bit of action by the looks of things Tony.
    awesome cloudscape- the “crawler” is a fantastic lil addition 🙂

    • Thanks Stephen – yeah it may not be a ‘striking’ (haha…) lightning image though I still like it and especially the sky above.

  2. Nice Tony and I like this one better than the last post. Still no storms up here yet, but I am told Darwin are getting them.

    • hey Casey,
      Thanks mate, glad you like this one, though a little surprise you like it better than the previous upload. Yeah, you’ll probably have to suffer a bit longer before you get some decent action in that neck of the wooods it seems – hopefully not too much though ! I know how stiffling it can get there ! *ouch*


  3. Hi Tony, awesome light in the upper part of the cloud. Also love the added depth of the sky with the stars. The “crawler popping out ” is perfect.
    Cheers Adrian

    • hey Adrian – yeah for two lightning shots they are so very different, yet I like them both.


  4. the cloud layering and dynamics are great here – its all heading different directions – top right, top left, bottom left and then the bolt towards bottom right – and even a bit of star rotation

    • hi Cain,
      Yeah there is a bit more going on than meets initial glances… I like the night sky above and in conjunction with the illuminated cloud structure.


  5. Hey Tony I guess I like the cloud formation better and the lightning inside it as well.

  6. Another great shot Tony, I love the tranistion from the cloud to clear sky and the contrast in the clouds is great.

    • hey Michael,
      Thanks mate, yeah there is a bit more going on in the shot than initially meets the eye at thumbnail glance.


  7. Sweet stuff with this lightning mate!!

  8. the cloud is awesome mate, now take that and stick it on a shot with a better foreground and you will have a winner. That is a seriously stunning cloud.

    • hey Christian,
      Always the ideas man ! I love the cloud structure in this one too and it shows that you don’t necessarily have to have a killer kazillion volt CG slicing through the frame for it to be photogenic. Thanks for the thoughts on the concept mate – much appreciated.

  9. ripper shot mate!
    Im still waiting to get some nice lightning shots like these! 🙂

    • hey Dylan,
      Yeah I know the feeling mate – I’m always waiting living in this part of the country !


  10. Now I have 2 of your lightning shots to be envious of!

    I thought I would nail one on the recent PNG trip, but not one evening of lightning!



    • hey Mark,
      Thanks for liking the shots so much mate – those tropical storms can be fairly elusive sometimes… 😐

      tone 🙂

  11. love it mate

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