electric feel – yeah !

Yeah I know it’s an MGMT track, but it’s a pretty cruisey, happy tune and that’s how I feel about getting this shot. I haven’t had the chance to post much lately partly due to family illness among other things leaving little time or inspiration for this pursuit. With finally some warmer weather about over the w/e and plenty of beautiful moisture in the air we have had a couple of nights with some spectacular lightning about. Fingers crossed for some more again this evening before we return to boring useless weather again for a little while.

A very impressive line of storms had edged it’s way across the south of the state through the very late afternoon and evening, I had my doubts whether it would make it at strength to my place so I decided to come to the party and meet it at the western end of Phillip Island with the hope that if it did persist I could ‘follow’ (but be in front – a bit of confusing term for those that don’t ‘chase’ perhaps) back towards home for more shots. This line of storms was extremely lightning active, but being a line of about 100km’s in length it made it damn hard to point the camera in the right spot at the right time !  I missed so many bolts it is ridiculous and I am definitely getting one of those new 90mb/s sandisk cards shortly as the image writing time is always something that annoys me with DSLR work. It seriously cost me dozens of potential killer shots this particular night ! The bolts were plentiful and one actually started a bushfire on the eastern side of the mornington peninsula ! This created a glow in that part of the sky adding to the atmosphere.

Anyway here is a sweet CG blasting into Westernport bay !

electric feel

‘ Electric feel  –  Westernport Bay, Vic. ’


~ by Tony Middleton on November 2, 2009.

18 Responses to “electric feel – yeah !”

  1. Nice sharp shot Tony, great capture.

  2. That’s some pretty lightning Tony!

    Storm action for us has been pretty slow this year and with a busy schedule it is hard to fit in a decent chase with them being so localised.

    Thought about a second camera body shooting them both alternately? lol. That’s how Megan gets the good shots, she waits for the buffer to fill on mine before rapid firing her camera and getting the tastey bolts! I assume you only have have speed issues when trying to capture daytime lightning? I’ve never run out of buffer at night…

    Oh, really enjoy checking out your blog too!

    Keep it up,


  3. Nice work Tone. Very nice capture.

  4. wow pretty impressive Tony. Nice square crop fills the frame nicely.

  5. fantastic image Tony.
    love the water in the foreground.
    it’s perfectly in frame too- was it heavily cropped or were you fortunate enough to get it reasonably tight from the start?
    great work anyway! 🙂

  6. That is super nice and dramatic Tony, great work. I love storms and lightning and thunder but have only captured one bolt of lightning so far. Have to really go storm chasing some day!

  7. WOW! Tony this is amazing…

  8. Nice work Tony, I got my first drop of rain of the way home from work today, so its now a case of if the rain and storms will come, its a case of when, not soon enough I say. I dont have my air con on at the moment and I am sweating big time here as its now 9.30 at night and 31 here in Katherine.

  9. Nice one!

  10. if anyone was going to get a good shot of these storms it’d be you Tony – with all that lightning i felt like i was up NQ again! nice work

  11. Makes me feel good to know it can actually be done 😉 I’ve only a few experiences in chasing lightening and I got nothing like this! Great work mate, hope to see plenty more.

  12. Yep shits all over mine – well done!

  13. Thanks for all the comments guys and girls – I really appreciate all of them !
    As I touched on in the post things are a bit hectic atm so I haven’t been able to get on much and reply to you individually or post more.

    tone (-:

  14. as if that’s westernpost ..it’s too gorgeous 😉
    superb lightening photo, i’m scared of storms & i’d be too scared to capture this so i’ll have to enjoy yours 🙂

    • hi Chloe – it certainly is… it can look pretty good in the right conditions, like here – dark ! lol Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you enjoy my storm photos. 🙂

  15. *westernport (its been a long day)

  16. Love the framing you have used (square) great capture and presentation Tony …

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