Boolimba bluff…

Here is a recent shot from a morning hike up 963 stairs and assorted ladders to get to this spot before dawn. Out of the shots I took I think I actually like this one of the nice yellow toned light coming across the scene more than the pre-dawn images. I also shot a vertical around this time from this spot that I also quite like.

Boolimba bluff

‘ Boolimba bluff  –  Qld central highlands ’


~ by Tony Middleton on October 21, 2009.

25 Responses to “Boolimba bluff…”

  1. whoa.. nice shot

  2. Nice yellow light Tony, I am so hoping to be in QLD in just over a year now.

  3. Great capture of that nice rugged landscape.

    • hey Tom,
      Yeah it is a pretty rugged and at times harsh landscape above the gorges – extremely dry up that way atm after some big rainfall events and floods in about January for memory.

  4. Great light, Tony. Well worth the climb.
    Post the vertical! 😀

    • thanks Beau – yeah it turned out worth it.. I’ll have to resize etc the vertical before it can go up… See how I go timewise 🙂
      t 🙂

  5. Really like this one Tony. Sweet light. Was well worth the climb eh? Great wilderness feel to this one.

    • hey Dave,
      yeah it does have that wilderness feel which is always great to get/have !
      tone 🙂

  6. Nice image Tony, looks dry too! Where did you get all those cool looking fonts?


    • hey Tim,
      Just by scraping the very bottom of the barrel of fonts that come with photoshop.


  7. Ha ha. Looks good though!

  8. Sweet shot Tony , the sun ‘s just right .

  9. Nice work Tony!



  10. 963 stairs!! wow
    there’s no way i could do that, my asthma wouldn’t allow me 😦
    but what a stunning view!

    • hey Chloe,
      I’m sure you could do it, you just need some good ppl to support you in your dreams and take the necessary preperations and precautions – you can achieve anything you like 🙂

  11. Well worth the climb Tony, this is stunning. I love the light and I think you have nailed the composition. This would look great printed large and hung on the wall.

    • hi Michael – yeah it’s not exactly how I would usually shoot such a scene but i’m rapt with waiting about until I took this !

  12. i love the lighting, very picturesque

    • hi Katie,
      I agree – I love the view and all the trees in that special light is gorgeous.

  13. You counted 963 stairs?? 🙂
    Each one was worth it mate, this is great.

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