Surf’s up !

There has been some really great waves around of recent. Here’s a couple of shots from a few weeks ago when we had a really nice early spring day in the mid-high 20’s. The swell was up, winds offshore ( a bit too strong ideally) and the weather warmer at last !

These were shot on the 5D2 with pretty crappy old 75-300mm USM lens which annoys me for sharpness ( or lack of ) in particular, so hence I rarely use it and I would really like a nice sharp lens in the 200-400mm range. The shots are basically resized straight from the camera as I didn’t have much motivation for editing them.  I also shot some HD video this day too that I edited up which I may post another day. I really dig it as at one point at one of the breaks there was a Southern Right whale cruising by about 50m from the triple head high barrels – SWEET !


‘ About to cop it on the head  –  Canon 5D2 ’

surf IIIblog

‘ Picking off a small lefthander  –  Canon 5D2 ’

surf blog

‘ Slotted or slammed ?  –  Canon 5D2 ’

~ by Tony Middleton on September 25, 2009.

20 Responses to “Surf’s up !”

  1. awesome Tony – I have rarely seen our waves looking this big and surfable, especially the bottom pic. Phillip Island area?

    • hi Cain,
      thanks mate – yeah it can get pretty sweet. I recall one day we were working near the break in the bottom shot and it was going off ! It was a bit bigger than that and clean as – so after a surf check at ‘smoko’ no one returned to work til the arvo and I shot some video for the guys. lol

      living on the coast can be hard to take sometimes…

      t 🙂

  2. wow that top wave is a beauty.
    don’t think i’d be game heading out into that at all! 😛

  3. those are some big waves! i’ve never been confident in my swimming abilities to be out in those waves lol

  4. do you surf? i don’t, i’m scared of the creepy crawlys in the ocean. these are some good waves, i’ve never seen waves like that in melbourne

    • hi Katie – I only have a splash about in summer when everything is considerably warmer. Thanks for stopping by Katie 🙂

  5. Wow heavy surf. Glad I wasn’t the 3 surfers in the top image, they arrived just a fraction too late to avoid being pummelled. Great shots, it must have been pretty awesome watching from the comfort of the shore?

    • hi Michael,
      Yeah – that was the bigger wave in a set and hence it sort of closed out a bit deeper. It is pretty cool being at the beach with conditions like these – even if no one’s out the waves just look unreal I reckon !

  6. Great shots Tony!!

    I would only like to be in one of those photos…guess which one!!



    • hi Mark,
      I’d assume in the ottom pic beneath that tastey lip – I can’t recall what the outcome of it was – lol There were heaps of barrels that day and I also shot some video with the 5d2 but I didn’t have my tripod due to thinking… surf photography – fast shutter speeds = one less thing to carry ! Then after being there 5minutes I thought…I can shoot HD video ( I still quite forget this awesome option !) so I had to shoot it hand held (300mm) – not ideal..

      tone 🙂

  7. Look like nice waves mate, wetsuits look too thick for my liking though! I also have one of those lenses, use it only if I have to!

    • A bit cold for my liking as well… but if you want waves with real power… none of that east coast stuff then one has to harden up a bit… 😉

  8. Yeeeeooowww I`m out there, where is it? Bells is on my to do list sometime next year, so I might have to hit that 1 as well! Just had a nice swell hit this week over here. Thanks for those Tony.

    • hi Michael,
      Did you get any pics from the recent waves there ? these were shot on or around Phillip Island. As you can see it can get pretty gnarly 🙂

  9. That last photo is a ripper, mate. Great timing with the spray and the blues are stunning.

  10. Love the surf shots Tony. Cant wait for the video!

    • hi Josh – cheers mate.. the video is actually up on vimeo but I’m not over happy with the footage as I had not taken a tripod. I had thought… surf photography fast shutter speeds = I don;t have to lug a tripod for once ! But I keep forgetting that I can shoot video with the 5D2 and sure enough after been there for 10 minutes I had the brainwave – hey I should shoot video ! lol

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