moody mountain road

Ok I’ll admit it, I haven’t had much motivation for editing images to post on here of late.. So the answer is…  dig one up that you never posted ! Given that it’s a wet cold’ish day, I feel this shot fits the bill today !

This shot is from Mt Stirling a few months ago, and like thousands of others got lost in either my hard drives or film files. It’s great to revisit your work at a later date. Sometimes when the work is fresh you have more emotional attachment with the trip, experiences or perhaps a couple of shots that you think are crackers. Consequently you may disregard or downplay the quality of some of your other images from that shoot or trip. Recently I was looking for a particular image for printing and I stumbled upon a whole heap of shots that I like, but they have never seen the light of day.

moody mountain road

‘ Moody mountain road  –  Mt Stirling ’

~ by Tony Middleton on September 17, 2009.

19 Responses to “moody mountain road”

  1. Great shot mate, really like it. Motivation of lack thereof must be contagious. I still haven’t look at most of my shots from the trip to Tassie yet, but like anything, comes in waves I guess.

    • cheers Andrew, I don’t have a lack of motivation in taking shots… more so just unmotivated in processing them for on here of late in particular 😐


  2. Cool shot Tone,
    I watched the Man from Snowy River last night and this scene was very similar to a few scenes with the pauciflora and fog.

    Yeah photography motivation levels are dipping in the red for me as well. Last weekend was inspiring in the garden, 27 degrees and sunlight.


    • thanks Tom – yeah Saturday’s weather was great and a typical tease for this time of the year south of the divide. East Gippy got to 33… Here the surf was pumping and I actually shot some video on the 5D which was something a bit different and fun !


  3. Great great image Tony, really lovely. I love the road into the mist! Also really says Man from Snowy River to me 🙂

    I agree that sometimes one miss some great images from a shoot, because it is so fresh in memory and we tend to pick the obvious highlights.

  4. Stoked you actually like this one Flems – thought that it may have been a bit cold for you… but those trees are sublime !
    Yeah it’s a good process to go through I reckon.. it just makes you evaluate your shots perhaps more as others might. Sort of emotionally ‘semi detached’.


  5. Nice image Tony! don’t you just love taking off down a country track….. because you can!

    • hi Tim,
      Yeah it’s great just ‘checkin’ stuff out isn;t it.. nothing beats seeing, smelling and hearing with your own senses hey.. 🙂


  6. as good as any Tony 🙂
    really loving this high country series you’ve posted!
    i’m glad you’ve been a bit quiet with your blog though- because if you weren’t you would have been nagging me a bit by now about mine 😛 haha

    I finally got a post up- only took a month or so….

    • hey Stephen,
      It’s great to reward that you have been following and enjoying the series… I’m still ina bit of a blackhole with the blog, I’m sure it will pass so keep tuned 🙂


  7. hrm happy to see you posted this one 🙂
    i like moody road photos, especially when they have a little sass

    • hehe – thanks Chloe, yeah I was driving through there and it was sleeting and freezing but I just thought it looked too nice to pass up on a photo. 🙂

  8. Plenty of mood in this image Tony. The trail leads you in wanting to see what’s over the hill.

    • hi Luke, cheers for stopping by with a comment.. yeah sometimes a cold type image can still work when you have mood like this in it. 🙂

  9. great shot, right place at right time!

    • Hi Dan,
      Yeah it was for this shot for sure… but not for most others that day, I guess it’s seeing the beauty in all conditions or making the best of a bleak day.

  10. hi tony, a big fan of this one mate … defiantly captured something special there.

    • hi Bree,Yeah I took a few from along this track but this one is my fav – that big old gum on the right is fantastic (imo) 🙂


  11. Hey tony,

    This is a awesome shot, captured the emotion here very well.


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