NEW Canon 7D

Also new on the market is the Canon EOS 7D… basically it appears to be the big brother replacement of the 50D with a lot of new features and being 18MP.

Check out this really cool short film that has being shot with it;  Perya (Town fair) by Jason Magbanua.

enjoy   🙂

~ by Tony Middleton on September 10, 2009.

8 Responses to “NEW Canon 7D”

  1. More new tech , its just about impossible to keep up with all the new tech these days

    • very true ! I honestly don’t bother but someone emailed me this clip and I had no idea about the camera coming out til then. I put it up here cos it’s a pretty cool clip for a DSLR…. though I’m not sure why they have it as a ‘7’D if it’s not full frame?

  2. Could make a good sports body with 18mp , 1.6 crop and 8fps.

    There supposed to be a big announcement from Canon at the end of this month regarding new gear.

    • Good point Merv – like I said in my reply to kirk, I’m not sure why they have labeled it in the single number range (7D) given that it is not full frame.. It’s price may determine it’s success i suppose.
      I wonder what it is they are announcing ?!


  3. being a nikon girl… put some photos up tony 😉 x

  4. canon’s put out another camera? i don’t need any more temptation! lol

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