Western Mac’s – yes please !

Well having not traveled north this year I’m having some serous withdrawls.. I really want to be back in some of those outback-desert or far northern tropical regions again… those landscapes and colours are just so appealing in all their rugged and harsh glory!  So with this hankering having to wait a bit longer still,  I thought that I would go through some shots from last year in particular looking at those elements that I yearn. I still have plenty that are unscanned or scanned and unprocessed still. So I’m not sure if anyone’s seen this before or not, but regardless here it is basically no adjustments, just a sharpen and a little clean up.

western macs dawn I

‘ Western Macdonnell Ranges  –  Fuji G617, Velvia 50 ’


~ by Tony Middleton on September 9, 2009.

8 Responses to “Western Mac’s – yes please !”

  1. That is gorgeous, just gorgeous, no surprises that I love this sorta wide open outback space, with an open to infinity composition!

    We must go shooting some day Tony so you can show me some of these magical places!

    • hey Flem, I thought this one would be more to your liking than the previous upload. It was a spot that I saw the previous morning but had missed the light by an hour or so. Bloody freezing in those deserts at night in winter, the temps were like -2C. Which sort of defies the warm looking light and tones that you can get there. I know that I wasn’t adapting to well to that and the very dry air after being up on the northern tropical coasts for a month or two.
      It would be great to meet you some day and experience some of the magic that awaits out there… I’m hoping to do a decent trip next year again if all goes well.

  2. delicious glow and earth shadow Tony. the shadows look a bit red but that may be the quality of the light. were you using a long focal length (by 617 standards) in this one? i wonder what it would be like to see those creeks run or waterholes fill down below…

    • hey Cain,
      Yeah I’d love to be in that entire region during a big rain event – it would be an incredible transformation to say the least! If you haven’t been there, then get there – everything has great ochre and red tones.
      This was well before sunrise so the light is fairly even. For memory I would have most like shot it at f22 or perhaps 32 and the exposure would have been a matter of minutes in length. Bloody hell it was freezing scaling the scree slopes and taking this one !

  3. Beautiful advantage point Tony. Seeing shots like this make you want to leave the coast and head in land and shoot.

    • I know what you mean Matt – I’m fortunate enough to live just a few hundred meters from the beach and love it ! But I always have a taste in the back of my mouth for the mountains, deserts/outback or tropics. I guess it’s part of appreciating not only what’s in our backyard but further afield. (?)

      tone 🙂

  4. Really nice Tony. Makes me want to pack up and head into the outback too!

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