Time appears to momentarily stand still, but these rock stack’s timeless, defiant stand against the elements will eventually come to an end – good thing I managed to photograph them like this !


‘ Timeless  –  Canon 5D2 ’

~ by Tony Middleton on September 2, 2009.

16 Responses to “Timeless…”

  1. awesome Tony!
    wow, the water, the cloud motion especially, and then the sharpness of the rocks!
    love this one man! 🙂

    and…… you can see it bigger 🙂 hahaha

    how long was exposure out of interest?? looks a good few seconds (or mins) judging by the movement.

    • hey Stephen,
      All of them you can see them bigger 😉 It just depends on how much time I have.
      I don’t know without digging up the file etc on the length of it but you are probably pretty close to it there. I also took a similar shot on the 6×17 as well.


  2. That is quite special, really like it a lot Tony !

  3. The simplicity makes it great Tony, right amount of exposure too.
    Great work.


    • hey Tom – yeah I wanted to simplify it a lot so I came up with some stuff such as this.

  4. Yes Tony it is a good thing indeed! Really nice and timeless. Maybe even prehistoric!


    • hey Dave, thanks for stopping by – it’s an awesome rugged coast that is for sure !

  5. Like this image a lot Tony!


  6. Hey Tony,

    This is sooooo cool. I love the cloud and water movement and the colour of the water as well. Also the composition is bang on. Great photo!


    • hey Jamie,
      thanks for stopping by mate – I also feel that it came off quite well this one, good to read some others do too 🙂


  7. Wow Tony this is a great shot, I love the soft feel about with the movement in the water and the clouds. Great my friend. I will be in Melbourne as well this year before Xmas, would be great to catch up sometime. Case

    • Thanks Casey – yeah it would be good to catch up – let me know when you will be about and I’ll see if I can make it o Melb then 🙂

  8. Stunning Shot Tony , would be one of my favourite of yours have all ways wanted to photograph the Coast of Victoria hopefully after america might be able to head there

    • Thanks Kirk – yeah Vicco has some incredible coast among other things of course.. the best thing is that it’s a relatively small state so it is feasible to do a w/e trip to most places. (unless you live at one of the ends/extremes of it ).


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