Vic’s rugged coast on a beautiful winters day (~21-22C)…

In Australia we are blessed with such a stunning and diverse country, the beauty of the coastline is to die for as well. Victoria’s coast in particular is one of true rugged beauty in many places – this being no exception.

clear water apostle

‘ alone in paradise  – Victorian west coast ’

~ by Tony Middleton on August 31, 2009.

3 Responses to “Vic’s rugged coast on a beautiful winters day (~21-22C)…”

  1. looks great Tony- how do we view it BIGGER??
    cos i sure wana see it! 🙂

    i’m interested if you find this style of image come up better in winter/spring??

    i think they appear to be. usually the sky is a lot cleaner due to the rain clearing the smoggy air you usually end up with during summer.
    and obviously there’s a decent amount of clouds around these times of year (sometimes unfortunately far too many) to complement the blue skies.

    • hey Stephen,
      How big do you want to be able to see it ? 😛

      As for the time of year for this ‘type’ of image I don’t think a particular season is better than another…I’m rarely photographing near cities etc so smog isn’t an issue. It has more to do with how long since it’s rained or huge swell for water clarity. Also a relatively dry atmosphere (low levels at least) helps with a clear and crisp looking sky.. Hope that helps. 🙂

  2. well it linked to your redbubble site but that image is only a bit over twice this size… 🙂

    so the “how long since it last rained part”- kinda supports my theory of Winter being a benefit 🙂 lol
    but yeah- i get what you mean. just was interested in what you thought.

    thanks man 🙂

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