staccato lightning !

This is a great example of a staccato cloud to ground lightning strike. Staccato cloud-to-ground lightning is perhaps the most photogenic of all lightning. It is termed “staccato” because the lightning is comprised of just one single, rapid discharge and is typically accompanied by a myriad of interesting and intricate branching.

I caught this one at 5am on a sunday morning just off the Warrnambool coast a couple of weeks ago – very nice ! I cropped it square, but you can see the 2:3 image that has some extra cool squiggly branches here.

warrnambool straccato

‘ staccato lightning  – Canon 5d2 ’


~ by Tony Middleton on August 29, 2009.

15 Responses to “staccato lightning !”

  1. Very cool, Tony. This is something i’ve wanted to capture for a long time. Congrats.

  2. Brilliant capture Tony, that is a great lightning shot in the portfolio!

    • thanks Flem – there’s a few different ones in there now (just not online or here to date) 🙂

  3. Very nice Tony Great timing

  4. i will definitely have to get in on this storm chasing next winter! 🙂
    awesome lightening

    • yeah Chloe – though spring and summer generally provide better opportunities, and it’s warmer so a bit more inviting to be out and about 🙂

  5. wicked shot Tony.
    love it, looks like a massive bolt you got there!

    • Thanks Stephen – yeah just managed to score this one before the downpour – gotta be some reward for chasing 7am at 4-5am on a sunday !

  6. Wish I had weather like that around here! Cool photo!

    • likewise Cody ! One photogenic thunderstorm at my house per year just don’t cut it for me… 🙂

  7. I am envious mate! I am still to add a decent lightning shot to my portfolio!!

    Well done.



    • hi Mark, I’m sure you will get a killer shot somewhere down the track – when you do I wanna see it ! 🙂

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