cliffs and rainbows…

Well here I go again at trying to post this… Last night I had basically completed this post and was about to publish it when the wild weather took out my power and internet !

This was a very spectacular rainbow and I had a strong feeling it would come off like this so I was ready to make the short dash down to the cliffs to capture it. The only thing was that it was still raining quite heavily on the back-end of the rainband when the sun came out, so in the few minutes whilst the rain eased off the rainbow had weakened and moved a bit further away (this can happen when the clouds are moving at 80 km/h ! )

cliff rainbow

‘ cliff rainbows  – Canon 5d2 ’

~ by Tony Middleton on August 26, 2009.

6 Responses to “cliffs and rainbows…”

  1. Absolute stunner mate. Great colours

  2. Very nice… you cant beat a good rainbow shot. Love the faded twin on the right.

  3. i like how the rainbow begins from where the light ends on the water’s surface – a beauty

    • hi Cain – yeah whilst I was running there in the rain it ended on the cliff ! soooo close and so intense… there are rainbows – and then there are RAINBOWS. 🙂

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