convective cows…

 I’ll get to all your replies (those that have commented) in the next day or so…busy night so just a quick post with another shot from a few years ago. It was in February and there was instability on the ranges this day but was confined more to being pulsey convection on the highplains. Just prior to sunset the cap broke allowing this nuke of an updraught to explode right on sunset ! The highlights are a touch blown in this scan but it’s pretty tough with such massive contrasts and all I was armed with at the time was was my old EOS A2 and I know one lens was a 17-40L  and a crappy old 75-300USM with polarisers.

convective cows

‘ convective cows  – velvia 50 ’ 


~ by Tony Middleton on August 12, 2009.

6 Responses to “convective cows…”

  1. Wow Tony gotta love that cloud, great shot, the weather up here is starting to get humid again and I think its now the early stages of the build up, very early for it, but it might be a massive wet this year. Last one was crap and finished in early march

  2. very nice mate….. those clouds look wicked!!

  3. Looks like the combined methane from the cows did the trick eh :)!!

    Nice shot Tony!



  4. Casey – yeah the seasons seem to be in a bit of an early transition phase atm…best of luck and get your AC ready for the coming season (lol)

    Cheers Clint – yeah I love boiling updraughts like this too !

    haha Mark – we must need truckloads more cows if we were to get anywhere near the amount of ‘decent’ storms for my liking in the region.


  5. amazing cloud formation Tony, really nice colours and well captured …

    • Nice boiling updraught in the twilight – yum ! Just got back online after a couple of weeks with a new mac – yay ! though too much catching up to do… haha
      cheers mate.

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