summer light…

 Here’s one from a few years ago of a little secret spot that I found whilst 4WD’ing one day. That sexy little beach down there was footprintless and totally inaccessible above 3/4 tide. So on a lower tide I hooked up my snatch straps (4WD recovery gear) to my bullbar and threw them over the edge and scaled my way down to ‘my’ private little beach. Upon further exploration I found an incredible large sea cave in the cliff face, so I wander back to my access point (aka snatch straps hanging from bullbar down the cliff face) and climbed back up and got my snorkelling gear and wet suit out, I stuffed the flippers and mask etc in a backpack and made my way back down in my wetsuit. (yeah fashionable look I know !  but you can get away with this stuff when nobody is within coo-eee)

 The swell was small and I walked as close to the cave as I could and got in the water and had a look around. It was a touch exhilerating having such a place to myself if not a touch daunting on the shark factor in the deeper water out the front of the cave mouth… All good fun though and just my kind of spot – rugged and beautiful with no one about !

 A great place to spend a couple of days  🙂

I love the warmth of summer or ‘desert light’, you can get it morning or evening and this is a classic example of it in my eyes.

spot X

‘ summer light  – velvia 50 ’ 

~ by Tony Middleton on August 11, 2009.

23 Responses to “summer light…”

  1. Stunningly gorgeous! Awesome, I love this, one of the best beachscapes / seascapes / coastscapes I have seen in a very very long time. A winner !

    Only thing missing is you hanging over the side dressed in wetsuit, mask and flippers 😀

    • OMG – a seascape of sort and Flem loves it ! thanks and glad you like it so much mate 🙂

  2. i like the way the cliff cuts through the frame – would have been quite a sight seeing you rapelling from your bullbar!

  3. wow stunning Tony! that light is beautiful!
    how big is the cliff section you went down the snatch snap on??
    looks pretty hairy if it’s these particular ones!!

    lol at the snorkel part.
    it’s funny how many documentaries your mind can think back to when you’re out in deep water- and also kelp beds! and especially by yourself!!

    went snorkeling with me mate xmas day a couple of years ago. we finally got to the beach about an hr before sunset but thought yeah we’ll still go out. neither off us wanted to admit we were shitting ourself! but we were following the shallower sections, each time we got to a deep point we’d pause- look around, then scurry across haha.

    the water was so murky we had about 2m vis, probably really not the smartest thing to do. but were where we usually go so thought it’d be alright. when we got out we finally had the “mateship- yeah I was shit scared!!” look at each other haha

    • hey Stephen – yeah it was a pretty nice section i went down (just meters behind where i took this shot from).

      Poor visibility is no fun at all – i generally don’t bother when it gets like that 🙂


  4. Stunning mate, yet again.

  5. What an amazing photo Tony. I wish I was there right now. The colours are sublime and the composition just amazing. This would definitely be a seller.


    • hi Jamie – yeah it’s a pretty cool spot and I like getting back there when I can.


  6. Beautiful light Tony, and great story to go with it. You have bigger b**ls than I do, that looks like some kind of decent, but by the sound of it well worth the effort. I would assume the sharks down your way would be quite large too. Stunning shot mate, well done.

    • Glad you like the post Mike – not sure about the balls thingy..I just find my desire to see and do things pushes me.


  7. Yep, bloody good Tony!

    Great story too!! Amazing the lengths we will go to for that different shot sometimes eh!



    • thanks Mark !
      yeah sometimes we go to some strange extents for shots. Though this one was more about the adventure and experience and the place happens to be pretty spectacular 🙂


  8. Nice shot Tony!!

  9. Very nice mate.

  10. the light & shadows are awesome tony
    i would love to discover something so beautiful
    & what dedication, climbing down to explore 🙂
    nice work!

    • hi Chloe,
      yeah there is something about ‘finding’ cool lesser known spots that is for sure – I love it anyway !


  11. Great shot Tony ,
    Love the light around the cliff face

    • yeah Kirk – it is just those tones that you know will fire up with some nice light !

  12. Nice mate, sorry I have missed your blog on my list of blogs to follow so here I am. Your number 29 on the list of blogs I have to keep up on.


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