tropical trawling…

   It was our day off and we headed out in our good friend Nev’s tinny. A typical late August day in NQ (north Queensland) of around 30C and the water was that amazing tropical colour. We stopped off at some offshore rocks where Markus and I went snorkelling amongst the coral and sea life or is that sea lice ? Apart from some pretty fun snorkelling and following a turtle for a bit we got back into the tinny stinging like mad with rashes coming up everywhere from all the sea lice about in the water at that time of year…no pain – no gain, huh !  Anyway after a heap of jokes and laughter about that we could see the ocean just boiling with action from bait fish, mackeral and tuna…and every sea bird within 100km’s !

  So this was our next target…we motored out to these boiling pots and where I could swear there were 3ft tuna almost leaping into the boat as we cut through their frenzies over schools of bait fish – unreal to see ! We untangled some old rusty lures laying about in the bottom of Nev’s tinny (also note the saftey shoes amongst the myriad of tetnus breeding rusty tangled lures – typical NQ style !) and we began trawling through the feeding frenzies hoping to get on to some rust hungry spotted mackeral for dinner… They must have been content with live bait fish though as all we managed to get was a bunch of 3-4ft tuna of which we released them all – we were as fussy as the mackeral ! 

  We went home with no dinner but had heaps of fun and laughs…Later that day Markus and I went ‘canefire chasing’ where we saw and photographed some fantastic canefires. These are a lot harder to photograph than you may think as they go up and down in minutes and trying to get near one at the right time is bloody hard and that’s another story and another post ! 

 What a day !

  I like this image for an ‘unposed’ natural shot in a tight environment with a lot of movement and it’s hard to keep things level and not fall out ! The leading lines of the trawling lines and rods top it off I think…Nev will probably miss out on seeing this as internet is probably yet to grace (or destroy) his part of the world, regardless – This one is for you Nev – you star !

nev - trawling NQ style

‘ Tropical trawling, NQ  – velvia 100 ’ 

~ by Tony Middleton on August 6, 2009.

7 Responses to “tropical trawling…”

  1. never seen the tinnie looking so glamorous! you really know how to pull tricks with that camer – I look pretty damn hot myself he he. Thanks Tony – thats awesome!

    • hey Nev !
      good to see you ‘here’. Yeah it was humid work running about in the tinny so no wonder you look hot ! I deliberately left Markus ‘the german adonis’ out so we you would look buffed mate. I hope you can use this to keep all you NQ groupies (or GF) satisfied for a minute ! If this is your email address I’ll send you a printable version if you (or GF) want…


  2. i love, love, love how straight your horizon is

  3. and haha @ nev. modest much? 😉

    • haha Katie and thanks for the comments – Nev has some NQ style and confidence that’s for sure !

  4. That’s a salty dog if ever I’ve seen one.

    Large print on the local pub wall would be the go I’d say.

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