Squall line…

  Last night saw quite a nice squall line for this time of year develop along the frontal boundary. To me the front appeared it could be quite vigorous 24hrs out and as it approached the Vic west coast early last night things appeared to come together quite well.

 Preluding the front and squall line the N-NW winds realy got going with gusts nearing the 100km/h mark.  By the time this squall line got to my region it seemed to mature again nicely…Obs from in and around Port Phillip bay had gusts of 120km/h (Point Wilson) and 107km/h (South Channel Island. Given that the froint/squall line was moving at approximately 80km/h  any areas of organisation with notable outflow boundaries would produce gusts in excess of 100km/h. A squall line moving at this speed also meant lightning photography at 1am inthe middle of winter and 80km/h winds was not an ideal prospect…

 So with it hammering in at a rate of knots a made my way down to my cliff to put myself in the game…and it’s also good and humbling to be amongst the fury of nature as well…Lightning was not spectacular but a welcome sight none the less !  I jagged this shot before the dash back home. I estimated gusts locally to have been ~110km/h mark on the outflow boundary in exposed and elevated locations. I got a bit drenched in the final run up my stairs – but all good fun… We got 11mm from it most of which fell in about 10minutes – not a startling rain rate but still some fun with a couple of spectacular CG strikes slamming several hundred meters up the gully. The prom recorded a peak gust of 131km/h and Hogan Island (off the prom) scored a 140km/h.

 There are also reports of a possible waterspout/cold air tornado ripping some damage in the Melbourne bayside suburb of Chelsea from the line…

The pic is nothing startling really and you may make out a little horizon ‘wobble’ due to camera shake during the exposure…this can happen when its 1am in the middle of winter with 80km/h winds ! The discerning observer may also notice the movement of the outflow boundary/guster ( cloud) between the earlier CG lightning strike and the brighter/closer crawler in the top half of the frame.

squall line03082009

‘ Squall line over Bass Strait 03-08-2009. – Canon 5D2 ’ 

~ by Tony Middleton on August 3, 2009.

4 Responses to “Squall line…”

  1. Hi Tony, To get any decent shot of lightning takes a bit of luck! This and your previous post look fine to me! 1AM in winter?!? You’re mad!

    • hi Tim,
      Thanks mate.. yeah 1AM Monday morning in the middle of winter in southern Vic. It’s better to be mad than boring I say! =)

  2. 1am Monday morning I was winding down the storm shutters as the front came through, the wind in the Dandenongs was bad enough but probably worse where you are. Well done for getting an image in that.

    • Yeah Andrew it was a pretty wild night. Tonight and in thew morning could be a little fun as well – though I don’t expect a squall line such as this, more so typical winter stuff which for us is gales and hail with a little thunder chucked in as well on friday.
      You are correct as the exposed and elevated parts of Sth Gippy in particular cop the full brunt of most of the systems and the prom AWS is indicative of the winds in such spots – keeps life a little more interesting 🙂

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