northern splendour…

 What do you do on a windy winter’s day ?  For something different after a recent busy period with friends from interstate visiting and work I’m adversely having a bit of a day at home… Stuffing about on the internet seems so much more appealing than house duties etc so here I am !

 I seem to really like plants or trees that survive in harsh climates or against the odds, often the pandanus can be seen growing on rocks upon wind beaten headlands or in gorges of the northern tropics. Here this one isn’t doing it tuff at all with some shade and a reliable water supply – but I still like what it brings to the setting.

 The  image is a 6cmx6cm shot on Velvia 50 that I took last year – A  beauty of the format  is the detail, quality and depth is sublime. Mmm… to be lazing about in that water today…    🙂


‘ remote pandaus – velvia 50 ’  

~ by Tony Middleton on August 1, 2009.

7 Responses to “northern splendour…”

  1. love it tony!
    the pandanus are fascinating plants and i really like photos of them myself. this is very different to how i’m used to seeing them- where they are usually covered in snow! love the water directly to the left. was it a longer exposure to get that effect or just using polarizer filter?

    i’d imagine there’s just a small temperature difference between this and what you have at home today lol 😛

    • hey Stephen,
      I think I know the ones you mean and they are the Pandani in Tassie – they are also devine, though without researching it I am not sure if or how they are related. Shooting velvia 50 and medium format gear pretty much everything is a ‘longer’ exposure and I also I had polariser so I guess that makes you a double winner on this count !

      It would probably have been around the 27-28C mark at this spot today as opposed to about 16C and a cool nth wind…we might have snow and mountains but I still love places such as this !


      • winner winner winner- yay for me! 😛 hahaha

        ah yeah that’s right. different name- but yeah definitely appear to be related. the Tassie one’s are what i was thinking of. i’m interested in plants and stuff at beginner levels, when it gets complicated when dealing with species and genus i lose interest anyway lol.

        very nice plants either way

  2. Beautiful colour’s Tony. Its so much harder to replicate these colour’s on digital, they are just striking. The image makes you want to go for a dip in the inviting water and I can imagine that the surroundings are beautiful too.

    • hey Mike,
      Hell yeah – I’d love to be there atm and going for a swim…so what about the odd freshie…they are vegetarian anyway (well they won’t really eat us…lol).
      I love shooting medium format film and the 5D2 both have excellent points and some downsides. I still enjoy the procedure and the depth with saturation when holding that magical transperancy in my hands…


  3. nice Tony, i never had a chance to pull over the canoe at Lawn Hill to grab a shot like this. i feel the pandanus contrasts so much better with the red gorge walls than the beaches.

  4. hi Cain,
    yeah its an awesome spot for sure.. I love the contrasts of green and red there as well. 🙂

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