poles in time…

  This is a single shot from the 5D2 on the w/e.  Geebus – I can count the number of single frame 35mm format frames that I have taken or liked on one hand in the last couple of years… The frame/border should be more complimentary but I didn’t think that I’d upload this until I’d done it all, now I am, and I can’t be bothered doing it again tonight…so to get this one online tonight it will have to stay with the black border.

‘ Poles in time – EOS 5D2 ’  

~ by Tony Middleton on July 20, 2009.

6 Responses to “poles in time…”

  1. Great Shot Tony,

    It evokes memories of standing out at Lake Dissapointment on the Canning Stock Route or standing out on the Nullabor Plain near Eucla. It captures the essence of ‘Outback’ Australia so well.

    Jamie Paterson

    • hi Jamie,
      Thanks for stopping by mate, The Canning is a trip I am yet to undertake, I actually have a mate on the way there atm to ‘do it’. I find it fascinating that this image evokes memories of out in that part of the country – did the lake have water in it during your visit or is it more the tones in this one that do it ?

  2. Nice work Tony, I normally feel the same about the 35mm format single images but this is different. Is this near Corinet Bay or Corenalla?

    • Thanks Andrew,
      Yeah single frame can be a bit boring – but it’s all relative to what you shoot most I guess… These days I find that I am currently a bit stale on pano’s as it seems everyman and his dog is stitching stuff, and after shooting them for years on 6×17 and drum lens cameras and recently also stitching some I guess it does not feel so special or unique anymore… You know….Once the masses jump on the wagon things can lose their polish a bit…Just my 2c anyway 🙂


  3. you have done a great job , good work , best of luck .

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