How much do you shoot ?

 I noted the frame ‘counter’ on my 5D2 after this mornings shoot – which was quite nice, without being spectacular. I got my 5D2 on the 4th Dec. 2008, which was part of the first shipment to Australia. Since this time I have done a couple of short interstate trips and I probably shoot a few days a week (it helps living in photogenic area I suppose..). So I’m now upto 3733 which includes a number of ‘videos’ as well.  I think I may have only shot over 100 frames in a day once or twice (whilst travelling and everything just clicks – gotta love that !). Shooting for stitches obviously really chews up more frames, even so I think I may shoot conservatively compared to some…? 

 I still love shooting on my 6×17 as well and that adds more shots to what I take but not a huge amount as I only shoot on the old girl if the scene is really nice.  Somehow shooting on this seems to take me more time to do each frame and it generally gives me more enjoyment and satisfaction (unless I stuff it up ! ). Both mediums have pros and cons and I enjoy them both so I don’t want this to get off topic on which is best or whatever…blah…blah… How much do you shoot is the topic ?     🙂

 So I thought it would be interesting to see how much and how often we all shoot ? Do you shoot daily, once a week or only when you can get away for a day or w/e ?   When you do shoot, do you generally come home with 20 or 600 frames ?

~ by Tony Middleton on July 18, 2009.

20 Responses to “How much do you shoot ?”

  1. On a 7 day roadtrip last month I shot a little over 2,000 images. I’d say that’s a bit on the low side for me if I’m on a ‘photo trip,’ as the light wasn’t much good so the camera stayed in the bag more than I would have hoped for. Plus about 1/3 of that would have been for panos (typically 3 images each).

    If I’m just sitting around town, Maybe 100 a week, unless there’s an event of some sort or I’m working on a project.

    • Good point Cody – on photo trips in particular we all would shoot our highest numbers I’d say. They are quite impressive figures ! What are you predominantly shooting with nowdays ?

  2. Great post Tony. Back here in Copenhagen I don’t have many opportunities, may only shoot once a month. While I am travelling I shoot every day.

    When I switched to a digital SLR I machinegunned it, shooting so much stuff. This means you get home with 300 similar shots and then have a terrible amount of work in the digital lightroom picking out 1 or 2 keepers.

    Nowadays I take my time to find the composition and I am shooting much less. I know exactly what I want and I only shoot that, I only bring home exactly the shots I am after and nothing else to minimise computer time (which is already A LOT). I would rather have 1 great image than 10 rushed ones. Stitched panos may be 10 to 15 images of course, so generally on a day travelling I may shoot 50 to 100 images (with stitches that may mean 5 to 10 actual compositions).

    Most I ever shot on one day was about 4-500 at Hawk Dreaming but then that was on assignment. Shot landscapes at sunrise, shot rock art in 20 different caves during the day, shot landscapes at sunset again. What an amazing day 😀

    • WOW Flem ! I’m staggered you only shoot once a month at home ! It really must be a bit uninspiring there…for landscape-outback loving beings in particular of course!
      Your numbers and method sound a bit similar to mine – for example a week or two ago I was shooting in a ‘near’ by rainforest and I think I only shot about 5 particular spots – and mostly panos for say 50-70 frames.
      I guess shooting film/6×17 for ages I learnt to be more selective with what might work and what wouldn’t.

      Occasionally days like your Hawk Dreaming one do come along and it is just so much fun !

      How many shots on your 5D2 are you upto now ?

      • Tony, I have already shot the hell out of Copenhagen, have plenty of cityscapes. And there is no wide open untouched nature and landscapes anywhere around here. Nothing. Which is why my flat is now for sale, gotta get into the wild, away from here!

        My 5D Mk II is now up to about 7,500 shots after 84 days of photography on the road!

        I learned photography by shooting 35mm slide film, and I have really gone back to shooting that way. Do not need 30 versions of the same scene, I need the 1-3 perfect compositions, rest does not matter, not gonna use it anyway!

  3. I shoot film, so it really depends. I try not to shoot too much, but sometimes I just go all out. :p

    • Hi Chris,
      I think shooting on film teaches a certain discipline and you seem to learn to make your compositions count so to speak. You doin’t end up shooting just heaps of garbage that you will never look at again.
      nice work !

  4. I blaze away , shot now think later kinda thing. I shoot a bit of sport stuff and cars etc so it adds up pretty quick.

    I got the mk2 on the 6th March and its up to 9375. I would have shot at least 3000 probably on the 40d in the same time,and that camera’s on its second time around.

    • You are giving my shooting numbers a sweet old caning Merv ! That’s one thing about shooting digi though…it doesn’t matter…


  5. Hi Tony,

    I would shoot on a normal week three times a week. I normally do a Landscape shoot Friday afternoon, a landscape shoot early Saturday morning and then drive to the beach to do some wave / surf photography and then Sunday I will normally do something in the afternoon.

    When I’m away I would shot at least two to three times a day. For me taking shots is relaxation thearypy so the more often I shoot the happier I am.

    I don’t tend to ‘machine gun’ away and I’m quite happy coming home with a handful of good shots rather than a stack of average shots.


    • hey Jamie,
      shooting action stuff such as surfing etc really can chew through the numbers – but i guess thats all they are numbers… But I too prefer to just get a few right that I want than have to sift through truckloads that i don’t.

      cheers for contributing mate.

  6. I havent been shooting much lately but i would typically shoot 2 or 3 times a week.
    As of late i have been more into the creative abstract landscapes so i can often only come home with 30 images. But if I set out to shoot a panoramic landscape I can easily come home with 200 images. I find the composition and then fire away so when i do look through them I find the best captures and that way i didnt miss a beat! (sorry Jamie, I kinda do the opposite to you 🙂 )
    Having said that I love shooting B&W that way there isnt such a short window and i can shoot for a longer period and i dont need to stress as much about the falling or rising light!

    • hi Dylan,
      Yeah shooting for panos racks up some numbers and you are right with the larger shooting window when shooting for B&W’s 🙂

      thanks for contributing 🙂

  7. Hey Dylan,

    No need to say sorry. Some landscape shoots do actually see me scrambling all over the place going ballistic with the shutter like our favourite place down south, because I have 3 different points of view that I want to capture.

    I guess really it all depends on the situation.

    Jamie Paterson

  8. I reckon that I’d shoot once a month on average. Probably take one or two compositions of a location so possibly 30 shots all up (mostly for stiching etc). Then once or twice a year head out for dedicated photo trips so the number of shots would increase then. Reckon that I wouldn’t take more than 1000 per year though.

    • hey Andrew – wow you are one lean shooting machine ! You do well for the amount of times you get to shoot. What are you shooting on these days ?


  9. i’m up to shot 7000 on my 40D in a year and a half (including some lengthy time lapses) and really only shoot on the weekends in my wanders. i took 250 35mm photos in the month i spent in borneo/malaysia and made up for the lack of images with the amount of bullcrap i span afterwards, haha! i have friends who shoot five times as much but don’t actually do anything with the images so i think myself pretty conservative.

    • Hi Cain, I think you are on a pretty good ratio/track myself, It’s fun to shoot but I don’t find it any fun whatsoever looking through loads of images on the computer… I too have friends that shoot some insane amounts of images and I scratch also my head…but whatever makes you happy huh !

  10. Hi Mate, just shooting on Canon 450d…nothing special might upgrade to the 5d II one day seeing all of the good work coming through on that beast. Usually a technical laggard and wait until the cost drops…..if the cost drops.

    • hey Andrew,
      Nothing wrong with that mate…You get some ripper shots with it.
      I only got my first DSLR (5D2) in Dec 2008… technical shit just goes out of date/superceded and loses value way too quick – ridiculous !

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