outback moon…

  A full moon rise in the late twilight of the far outback of Qld.  Ahh…the warmth in the midst of winter even at twilight was to behold…I can still feel it through the tones and vegetation types of this image .   *drool*

moon glow

‘ outback moon ’

~ by Tony Middleton on July 16, 2009.

8 Responses to “outback moon…”

  1. I really like it, hardly surprising 🙂 It is the outback in a nutshell so to speak! Great classic elements.

    • I thought this one would be to your liking Flems, I just wanted to post something warm ! Gawd I love that climate and colour of light.

  2. hehe, i was just about to say i’m not at all surprised to see Flem’s name on this one! 🙂 i’m sure he was reaching for some tissues when he saw this one 😛

    yeah i love it too. that grass in the foreground is stunning!
    that moon completes an already fantastic image.

    hey Flem, your nickname…. not derived from a certain Australian movie is it?? not sure if it’s been discussed on a post somewhere and i’ve missed it. but i think i’m onto it! 🙂 hahaha. your avator made it sink in for me.

    • It was always going to obvios hey Stephen ! – yeah that grassis stunning ! except on your legs….spikey stuff !

  3. magic

  4. Stephen, what? I am actually hoping that nickname goes away, but what movie? Nickname is Rod’s invention, based on aboriginal artist Albert Namatjira.

    “Reaching for tissues”. Hmmmm….my mind have now been 100% corrupted by Casey and Rod, I can’t read a sentence like that without a giggle and a smile 😀

    • ah, maybe i shouldn’t mention it then lol

      nah i was thinking that a young yahoo serious may have some slight resemblance. mainly with the wild hair you got goin haha.
      the fact that it’s a small pic probably helps the imagination a bit tho! 🙂 not that mine needs any more help anyway!
      put a bit of black soot around your eyes and you’ve got albert from the movie after the explosion.

      haha, i thought after wards about that wand wasn’t too sure if the tissue reference would make much sense.

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