mountain moods…

 Up in the mountains the forests take on their own moods and weather. I love the mood and feel of this shot…It’s a little bit similar to an earlier post but is taken about 25km’s away. I’m really pleased getting this ‘unpphotogenic’ weather and no sunlight for my 3 days in the mountains as it gave me the opportunity to add some very nice shots to my collection, shots of a mood that I have wanted for a long time. 

mountain forest

‘ montain moods ’ 


~ by Tony Middleton on June 30, 2009.

12 Responses to “mountain moods…”

  1. Again you have captured a brilliant moody scene Tony, the cold mysterious fog really saturates this photo – like it very much (even if it still looks too much like Danish winter :D)

    • cheers Flem – I guess the old saying of ” if it works – it works ! ” holds true doesn’t it 🙂

  2. fantastic once again Tony.
    i’m glad you’ve stayed south this year 🙂
    really liking this series from you.

    • haha – that makes one of us then 😛 In all honesty it is part of what I wanted to do photographically (winter) and that was to re-shoot many of the places I had shot years earlier.

  3. Very nice again, equal to Alpine Ash.

    Great pair of images.

  4. Stunning shot Tony… your right that mood and lighting is fantastic. Is this a digital stitch ?

  5. Like this a lot Tony, if this is a digital is there any more room down the bottom? Would just like to see the contrasting leave litter below the black stump and subsequent fernery. Fine image though.

    • cheers Andrew – nope, no room below in this one…it was all messy crud hence the composition 🙂

  6. I love these moody shots Tony, would make a good series.

    • Yeah very true Michael – I actually had that theme in mind during the trip.
      cheers 🙂

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