Wallaces Hut

 Another shot from up the high country a couple of weeks ago. The conditions were almost perfect for what I had hoped for. A nice fresh snow cover and some colour in the snowgums. It had snowed all morning and by 1pm the police were closing the roads. So I was forced down from the highplains but I was stoked that I got to spend the entire morning up there with not even a  handful of people about.

Wallaces Hut

‘Wallaces Hut – Bogong highplains’ 

~ by Tony Middleton on June 25, 2009.

10 Responses to “Wallaces Hut”

  1. Just me using your jumperleads and snatch strap when the forementioned didn’t work…haha. I didn’t see you in this spot but a have one identical. Nice work. Great minds think alike

    • haha – yeah I went up there when I furst got there after chatting to your old man, I think you were up the back at that stage.

  2. wonderful Tony.
    you got 3 of my all time favs in this shot.
    i have a huge weak spot for these high country huts! and I want to get to them all someday. great character in them
    the snot gum is stunning. and then snow- well you know how i feel about that 😉

    great shot as always. keep em coming 🙂

    • hey Stephen,
      Fantastic you dig it mate ! goodluck getting to all the high country huts though as there is about 100 of them I think !
      You should make a move or trip over to vicco for a period someday mate – you’d love some of what’s on offer !


  3. Great shot Tony,
    Looks a little too cold for me, great composition.

    Love the colour in the pauciflora.

    • hey Tom,
      Yeah WAY too cold for my liking as well…but you gotta experience things for yourself sometimes…so putting myself in the cold for a bit of magic and memories is fine.
      thanks mate 🙂

  4. This is a great shot and one that I wish I had taken.
    You were very lucky to get this before being forced off the mountain.

    • Thanks Stephen,
      Yeah I guess I was, though I had a good 6-7hrs of daylight up there to do some exploring and photography 🙂

  5. this beats all those selective colourists hands-down. the sheltered reds and oranges are great in the dramatic greyscale scene. did you spend long looking for this tree or were there others similar?

    • Thanks Cain, yeah I was pretty lucky that one had a bit of colour in it really (not that many actually do at one time)…It was a pretty basic composition as I wanted the setting not just the hut, having been there once before I knew where I wanted to shoot from beforehand, and in fact this is the first shot from that day.

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