not very tech stuff..

Ok so there is a few little annoying things with my blog. Things that I am just not sure about how to fix…
1) the related topics link that comes up at the bottom of my post when one of my posts is opened – yuk ! need to get rid of that !
2) making my blog subscribable for readers via email – note the RSS thingy i have in my sidebar has errors…
(just incase someone out there is actually that desperate to read and see what i post ! )

so if anyone would like to help me out just reply here and it will be greatly appreciated 🙂

~ by Tony Middleton on June 4, 2009.

4 Responses to “not very tech stuff..”

  1. To hide related links:

    Dashboard>Appearance>Extras>Hide Related Links

    You can also sign up to Feedburner to make your own widget to replace the current erroneous one which can help with subscriptions:

    I compiled all my RSS feeds in Google Reader and subscribed to posts on your blog through:

    Firefox>Bookmarks>Subscribe to this Page.

  2. thanks for your feedback Cain !

    related links – GORNE ! 🙂

  3. Yep Feedburner is a winner. People can subscribe to your blog via RSS or email and you get a neat little counter with your reader count 🙂
    It’s also handy because if you ever get a new website or blog you can transfer your readers across without them having to change anything.

    • thanks for the feedback Beau – i’ll try to get around to sorting it out sometime soon !

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