A glance back at summer…

   For a bit more variety on this blog I thought I’d post an image that I shot several months ago at the end of summer during this ongoing (10yrs) drought in the SE.  Luckily South and West Gippsland is one of the most fertile parts of the country – even though it does not appear so in this image ! But once again it is all looking lush and green here and will do so until pretty much the end of the year despite large ongoing rainfall deficiencies.

summer hills

‘Summer hills’  –  Canon EOS 5DmkII.

~ by Tony Middleton on June 3, 2009.

12 Responses to “A glance back at summer…”

  1. I hadn’t done much driving round the Gippsland hills until I visited Loch a couple of weeks back. The views heading along Grand Ridge Road were very similar to this photograph – so many rolling hills, hidden valleys and panoramic vistas. It was a pity I had to race home. I’ll have to return sometime.

    • Hi Cain,
      I recall your post from that trip. I didn’t know you drove along part of the Grand Ridge rd (it’s 132km’s in it’s entirity I think). I used to live on part of it. It can be quite spectacular ! watch out you don’t get lost, car sick or run off the road down into valleys 100’s of meters deep ! This is the same country but not grand ridge.

      cheers mate 🙂

  2. And it was definitely greener!

  3. That would make a great triptych ,summer, winter, spring, taken from the same viewpoint.

    I did something like that a long time ago but didn’t have the equipment or know much about photography then. i have the gear now but still don’t know much come to think of it.

    • Good idea Merv ! I was planning to do another image of a location from an earlier post –
      ‘let there be light’

      It will get a lot greener here yet so just waiting for that…then some time to get there…then the right light…ho-hum ! 🙂

  4. Great composition Tony and colour tones. That small water hole works a treat in the shot.

  5. I love these rural shots, keep em coming Tony! Beautiful round rolling hills. If you created a black and white version, it could almost look like snow!

    • Yeah Flemming – that grass was so dry it often ‘glowed’ white in the late twilights….freaky ! 🙂

  6. love the folds in the hills Tony.
    stunning image!

  7. this photo is awesome but i think those power pole things need to go 🙂

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