Windy Ridge…

 Spectacularly perched on the slopes of the Hoddle range overlooking Corner Inlet and the magnificant Wilsons Promontory is a small vineyard that is aptly titled Windy Ridge Winery… Pretty as a picture on a misty cold dawn in late autumn…very late ! in fact the last day of autumn.

windy ridge III a

‘Windy Ridge Winery’

~ by Tony Middleton on May 31, 2009.

19 Responses to “Windy Ridge…”

  1. What a beautiful scene with a nice array of colours. Love the warm looking, golden orange trees in the foreground compared with the mist in the valley in the distance.

    • cheers Beau – I wish I had been able to get to this spot a few weeks ago like I wanted to as the vines would have been spectacular then !

  2. Very nice Tony.

    I’ve a similar shot lined up over here when I can get to it, but it needs a lot more rain to green it up a bit. It’s getting very dry around here in fact most of the state is a bit light on for rain at present, there’s more than a couple of anxious farmers around at the moment.

    • Hang in there Merv – would you believe we are desperately below average for rainfall down here as well…It’s just lucky the soil is so fertile in this region so I guess it’s greened up pretty quickly. this one’s with the 5DII mate.

  3. oh yeah ….is that with the 5d or the 617.

  4. I’m going to sound so ignorant if I say anything about the photography, besides from the fact the shot has stunning colours, so what I am going to say is: how was the wine? Love Shan xo

    • Hi Shan,
      Never feel out of your depth to ask any questions about photography or anything else on my blog. I am glad you like the autumn colours – I wish I had been able to get there a few weeks ago. I haven’t had any of their wine to date but I can recommentd you try going to Wild dog winery near Warragul !
      tone X

  5. I like the slant, very nice vinyard. Did you do some taste testing?

    • Would you beli sad I know !eve I haven’t tried any of their wine yet…

      next time !

  6. Gorgeous looking valley Tony. Very nice capture as well. Victoria must full of valleys like this for you to explore.

    • Funny you mention this Neal…I often like it to finding that ‘special’ tree ina forest to photograph… there’s lots of them but finding the one you like to photograph at the right time is another story.


  7. Nice capture Tony, love the light and shade and how the valley draws you down the vineyard towards the fog in the background. Love the early morning light to, must have been cold!

    • It is a well positioned spot for a vineyard – photographically speaking that is for sure !
      cheers Mike !

  8. Great shot Tony , Love the colors and nice use of lines with the vines got to get some vine yard shots myself found a nice location here in WA to photograph just got to find time know

    • Hi Kirk,
      Glad you like the shot mate ! Before you get to that winery over there I’d love to see more shots from your SW trip 🙂

  9. A winner Tone, hero shot ! That is just perfection in a photo, lines, foreground, middle ground, background, colours etc.

    • Thanks Flem – I thought the composition had a lot of good strong elements hence I have tried to nail that spot a number of times. Maybe next year I could improve it a bit more… 🙂

  10. stunning Tony!
    it’s all been said above-agree with it all.
    just a damn nice shot! 🙂

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