the perfect valley

  A wet misty morning in a beautiful valley – It may look like heaven and a perfect valley( it was and always is)…  but  it was a pain in the ass to shoot this particular day !   Driving rain made composing the 6×17 under an umbrella keeping spray off the lense/gear and trying to meter the exposure all with only two hands – a little tedious to say the least…

perfect valley

‘the perfect valley’ –  Fuji G617, Velvia 50

~ by Tony Middleton on May 27, 2009.

18 Responses to “the perfect valley”

  1. Wow Tony that is so nice and green, I love it and I am betting it was freezing when yu took this shot. I am in Broome now and got a sweet sunset tonight. Cany\t wait to soot Karinjini.

    • cheers Casey,
      I shot this one in spring and it was about 15C or something so not ‘that’ cold….mmm Karijini !

  2. Cool shot, Tony. It almost looks like a painting. What method of sharpening do you use on your photos?

    • hi Beau, I use a various methods depending on the image and if its for web or not etc…from smart sharpen, unsharp mask or even sharpen edge if its just a small image for the web.

  3. Wow, cool looking place. For some reason i never imagine Australia being so green. Shooting in the rain is always fun 😉

    • hey Cody – pretty much most of the eastern seaboard can be very lush, especially the northern tropics and tablelands, New England tablelands and NE coast of NSW, Gippsland (where this was taken) and the Otway ranges in Vic, West and NE Tas, Adelaide hills (SA) and SW WA coastal fringe.

  4. Great mate, that is what I miss most about Gippsland are the rolling hills. Love the lushness, I think I will take a camera assistant out next time in the rain to hold the umbrella.

    Which area was this shot taken?

    • Hi Tom, yeah it certainly is one of the features in the region. I tokk this one in the west gippy area.

  5. Hi Tony,

    I love shots like this and this one is no exception. This winter I’m going to spend a lot more time inland amongst the hills getting lots of valley shots.

    Jamie Paterson

  6. I am normally not a fan of green, but this is just strikingly awesome and a good display I think of what film does so well compared to digital – green on digital sucks! Brilliant shot Tony, print this as a big pano and I reckon it would be like a window into a fairy tale land!

    • Thanks Flemming, Film does do colours well but it can be a little bit of an issue getting that into digital data sometimes though.

  7. such a beautiful shot Tony!
    just magic.
    wonderful greens leading back to the mist is fantastic.
    well worth the challenges of shooting it! 🙂

    • Thanks Stephen – yeah I thought it would be worth it…I go through this area a bit and thought these would be sublime conditions to capture it in.

  8. All of the above.

    Green grass and rain is my favorite time off the year. We just don’t get much of it around here.

    • Hey Merv – yeah you are not really located in the most fertile part of the country there mate…though that offers some other great opportunities to shoot.

  9. Looks great Tony love the misty winter feel to it.

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