more from the beach…

  These short days and lots of work hours are killing me !  I’d love to get away but until some time permits it will probably mean more coastal shots for a little while ! 

 This one was taken this afternoon with some dark moody and wet skies about and this is about as much light as I could manage at the end of a weekday atm… It’s at a really cool spot that has a thundercave just below me there that even with this tiny swell was growling and spitting away !


‘thundercave ’  –  Canon EOS 5DmkII.

~ by Tony Middleton on May 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “more from the beach…”

  1. I hear you Tony, the lighting situation is getting dire at the moment I can hardly manage anything during the week. Your lucky that coastal shots are the norm, 2 hours drive for me. Nice shot by the way I think it really sums up the mood of the working amatuer photographer at this time of year. Bring on the longer days I say.

    • The gloomy mood is what i was hoping to exoress with this image and yeah it sucks hey Michael…only a few weeks until the days begin to get longer though…pity winter has not even begun yet though !

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