angry ocean…

   A day of westerly gales exceeding 100km/h on exposed coasts and elevated areas in Sth Gippy. A large swell was whipped up courtesy of this in conjunction with a deep low pressure system south of Tasmania. Showers swept in rapidly adding to the high percentage of spray and moisture in the air, thus making photography not as simple or as enjoyable as it could be. But rewards can be had with some quite spectacular wave action. On this occasion I captured an impressive wave explosion. This wall of water was in the 15ft+ range as it angrily expressed it’s undeniable power.

angry ocean

‘Angry ocean’  –  Canon EOS 5DmkII.

~ by Tony Middleton on May 16, 2009.

6 Responses to “angry ocean…”

  1. Hey Tony, nice timing! That water looks pretty powerful.

    Has this been cropped?

    • Hi Beau, cheers mate – the swell was quite big but messy on most of the coast this day. This is full frame from the 5DmkII.

  2. yikes! glad i’m not out in that one!!

  3. That’s some angry surf Tony, glad I am not paddling out into that one. Great timing!

    • Hi Michael, there is also plenty of rocks to get smashed into just near there as well… not the best spot to be in the water on the calmer of days.

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