out of this world…

  Whilst living in the Whitsunday a couple of years ago during a lunar eclipse on the 28th August 2007 I took this photograph… Wanting something different from the usual eclipse images you see I decided to do a time exposure of the moon phasing out of the eclipse to create a unique capture of this period in time.

lunar eclipse 20070828

‘Out of this world ’ – Canon EOS A2, Velvia 100

~ by Tony Middleton on May 13, 2009.

9 Responses to “out of this world…”

  1. Out of this world, that is a awe inspiring photo and one you should be very proud of, Just amazing Tony I love it.

    • Hi Casey,
      Glad you like it, sometimes we have images stashed away and we nearly forget about them for some reason or another…perhaps we are too busy creating new work ? whichever the reason I still like this one as well !

  2. wowsers!
    such a unique shot. so mystical!
    i really don’t know what to say on it hey… 🙂
    but it’s good!!

  3. Spectacular, that is a very special and unique shot, impressive work. Only small thing is that one can’t tell it’s an eclipse at all 🙂

    • cheers Flemming 🙂

      Perhaps that adds to the beauty and intrigue of the shot. The conjunction of the emergence of the moon trail and the information blurb that it is an eclipse should complete the mystery… 😉

  4. intriguing – makes me wonder if you showed this to a keen skywatcher, whether or not they could explain it not knowing that it is eclipse related?

  5. Just love it Tony, very interesting. Thanks for the comments on my photos too by the way!

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