Pandanus glow

  This is a shot I took about a year ago on my way up the east coast. I shot this particular image on an evening in Noosa with my good friend ‘Macca’ who resides in ‘Brislame’ these days. He was joining me for a few days  further  ‘up the coast’ on my journey north. We had also met up with a work collegue of mine Seb from Nth Qld in 2007 when I lived up there – He is back living in Noosa nowdays. It was great catching up for some laughs with some beautiful light and scenery to top it off.  I had also shot around this area in 2007  as well as in 2004 and 2005 for memory, so I guess you could say it’s a spot that I find can be rather photogenic and relaxing given it’s proximity to brissie.

pandanus light

‘Pandanus light’  –  Fuji G617, Velvia 50

~ by Tony Middleton on May 10, 2009.

10 Responses to “Pandanus glow”

  1. ahhh, flat as a tack Tony – the noosa that’s so wonderful to surf! although i did catch my first real wave here after walking through the NP from the south and being scarred coming through the nudist colony. it was magic, just like your peaceful still – the surfing that is.

    • hi Cain,
      thanks ! 🙂 I know what you mean by being scarred stumbling across a nudist colony. That happened to me once trekking some coast in Nth Qld …Why oh why aren’t they NOT full of gorgeous young women ?

  2. G’day Tony,

    I like the soft colours on the left side of the frame against the contrasty colours on the right.

    • hey Beau,
      Glad you like it…Those tones on twilights are definitely something I find synonymous with the SEQ coast. 🙂

  3. BRilliant Tony, oh the serenity !!! I love how the Pandanus are “standing” on their roots stretching into the shot.

    (the other day I walked North on Cable Beach which takes you to the nudi beach. It’s alright when the tide is out and you can walk 200m away from them…needless to say on my way back the tide was in and there was 5 meters of beach left…yikes….why are there no gorgeous people on nudi beaches?)

    • hey Flemming,
      Yeah I love how the Pandanus and some other species have that appearance and it’s something I have photographed countless times over my travels and years. As for the nudies….Yeah it’s frightening isn’t it ! (also very disappointing ! )

  4. Beautiful shot Tony, I love the contrast and how the water has been rendered silky smooth.

    • Thanks Michael, I’m glad you like it and I thought I needed to post something warm 🙂

  5. Very lovely shot Tony, simplistic and beautiful.

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