no mojo

 What is going on ?  I seem to be momentarily unmotivated with my photography… Is it due to the somewhat sudden change of season here and I am feeling the cold and shorter days ? Is it because I am not heading north for the winter this year and feel a little uninspired and bored ?  Perhaps it is the realisation that staying south means 4months of working in the cold,wind, rain and mud which leaves me rather uninspired to say the least !

 I know there are plenty of great photographic opportunities that await with the colder seasons and weather – it’s just a matter of being motivated to get amongst it. But…It just does not have that same invigourating feel as living,travelling and wandering the tropics of our great southern land, which is what I am accustomed to doing at this time of year.

Yet tomorrow is another day and with that another opportunity and adventure awaits.

 After all…there is always light !

bridge of light

‘bridge of light’  –  Fuji G617, Velvia 100



~ by Tony Middleton on May 2, 2009.

18 Responses to “no mojo”

  1. The mojo always comes back 🙂 and in any case you can always wait until spring and visit the famed storm lands around here!

    • I’m positive it will too Dave – you never know when I’ll be back in Qld mate… 😉

  2. yeah, crap weather can really kill your phojo. at these times i try and look out for things to experiment with. do you have any crazy ideas you’ve shuffled to the back of the ‘to do’ list?

    • it certainly can Cain – I always have lots of ideas and compositions awaiting certain conditions and times of the year….But I just wanna be up north at this time of year. lol

  3. hear ya Tones, but there’s still amazing light this time of year. like when the sun just gets through some clouds and shines along the water on a line.
    Sure you’ll come up with some gems soon

    • Hi Mat,
      Great to see you here, I know just what you mean…fingers crossed ! 🙂

  4. i know how u feel mate…. i have just got my D700 and yet i havn’t gone for a shoot yet!!! owell i think the greek islands will change my mojo!! 2 weeks left haha

    • haha – have a great trip Clint ! I look fwd to seeing and reading about it.

  5. Hearing ya mate,
    Flat as a tack. Bring back the summer, the warmth.
    All of my ideas for potential shots have disappeared too.

    • hey Tom,
      yep bring back some warmth and longer days ! But….get up Mt.William when it snows and takes some shots 🙂

  6. Glad we’re not the only ones, I’m feeling the same. I haven’t really taken my camera out in a few weeks and I’m feeling very unmotivated about doing so. It’s just been so cold and dreary. But, come winter there will be some good storms to chase. Hopefully that’ll bring the phojo back as Cain labelled it 🙂

    • Hang in there katie, there is still plenty to do and see during winter down south…make the most of the snow,misty mountain or foggy scenes and B&W can be a treat in the urban environment. If all that fails there are those nights in with movies,wines and cuddling your partner.

  7. I hear you Tony, the short days are what kill me, especially when work cranks up. I know it is probably a bit pshycological but not having the sun around as much definetly makes an impact. Its annoying because the light is quite good this time of year where I live. Love your new header image by the way.

    • Hi Michael,
      I think without a doubt that the sun not being out has a subconscious effect on us psychologically. Having spent so much time in the tropics during winter it is very clear, conversely during the late build-up/wet seasons up north. Glad you like the current header mate.

  8. Hi Tone! I know what you mean, every winter in Denmark I completely loose my mojo – it is just too cold, miserable and grey to really inspire any sort of photography. I can go weeks without shooting anything. Some sun and heat cures it pretty quickly though 😀

    • Very true Flem…though denmarks winters would be more miserable than ours in Vic so I can only empathise with you…mmm….heat ! 🙂

  9. it’s funny how quick it can set in… but then how quick it comes back!
    it’s just one decent shoot, turns up with a great image- then you’ll be back into it again. and can’t wait to get out again.

    very nice light you’ve managed here.

    i do also have to add.. i did up a post for you.
    and we’re still missing the main guest! 🙂

    • cheers Stephen,
      I know it will come back that is for sure 🙂 I’ll pop over for a look shortly mate 🙂

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