With clear sunny days this week which is pretty ‘nice’ weather for autumn in the far south of the mainland, yet the light in these conditions is as boring as bat crap for my type of photography…so in a feeble attempt to delay mowing my lawns this morning I’ve delved into some relatively recent work and thought I’d share an image that is a bit different from the panoramic landscape style that I generally post.


~ by Tony Middleton on April 21, 2009.

5 Responses to “regrowth”

  1. boring as bat crap, lol, the dof in this and saturation really make it ‘pop’

  2. haha Cain…I’m not sure where i once picked up that saying from… the complete version is ‘as boring as a bag of bat shit’ lol

    Yeah the colour of that trunk was awesome and really pops out as everything else is pretty much monotoned/black.

  3. neat shot Tony. very nicely seen.
    love the colour of the trunk!

  4. Very cool shot mate!

  5. Stephen – yeah it really had some contrast and beckoned me to photograph it. 🙂

    Dylan – cheers mate 🙂

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