time passes…

It seems like time in 2009 is moving faster than ever before !  We are nearing April already which means 25% of the year is gone already… Speaking of time moving on, here is a shot I took earlier in the year at a spot where time certainly has moved on…It’s from ‘over the other side’.  I had been wanting to photograph this location for quite  a long time. I had a family Christmas gathering not far down the road so finally it’s time was here ! Days before going I was hoping that my timing coinsided with some nice light (3hrs drive from home). The sky did get some ok pinks but I prefer this shot with the ever so soft light on the remaining jetty poles.

relic jetty poles

‘time passes’  –  Fuji G617, Velvia 50.



‘edited version’ –  Fuji G617, Velvia 50.

~ by Tony Middleton on March 22, 2009.

16 Responses to “time passes…”

  1. Very nice Tone,
    Clean, simple and crisp composition.
    Lovely hue’s as well, does that velvia add the purple/blue? as it looks awesome.

    Great work.

  2. Lovely Velvia hues, those blues and purples really shines on Velvia. It’s a great peaceful shot, I bet at huge size this is something that would be quite special on wall!

  3. Btw I disagree about time, first 3 Winter months of 2009 have felt like time stood still. But take off to Africa is in two weeks so time is about to speed ud!

  4. i likes a lot mate… poster stuff if you put one of those “motivational” quotes on it!

  5. Top stuff, Tony. I like that you included the mountains on the horizon…

  6. beautiful colours Tony!
    i like this quite alot as well. 🙂
    it’s funny how we can never have enough of these old jetty/post images.
    there are so many, yet most of them take on different atmosphere.
    proves that simple compositions are quite often the best.

  7. Great shot Tony and the use of the time exposure has given you a calm soft shot, I bet this will look awesome on someones wall in print. 🙂

  8. Nice shot Tony ,
    love the simple composition
    Yeah deffinatly feels that way as you get older the quicker time goes , there has actual been studys done it I saw on a doco one time was pretty interesting .

  9. Gorgeous! An amazing image and the dusk colours are perfect with the sweeping clouds!
    Top shot!

  10. * Tom – cheers, Yeah velvia is rich in many colours hence it has been a favourite for landscape photographers for so many years..crap for protraits etc though..

    * Flemming – yeah I’d like to see it large as well mate 🙂

    * Stakky – good idea… if only I had enough motivation to think of one ! 😉

    * Beau – yeah it definitely adds some bit of interest.

    * Stephen – true mate, maybe it is cos they are ‘timeless’ in a way and are generally relaxing and calm scenes.

    * Casey – yep it required countless mozzie bites waiting for this one !

    * Kirk – thanks…yeah it’s almost frightening !

    *Dylan – cheers mate 🙂

  11. Very nice… I like how the shot isn’t over complicated with crazy sky colours and reflections.

  12. wonderful shot tony….. i agree with mate… so simple and affective

  13. great composition, have you tried pulling the red out of it and making the post more whiteish? That might look good too.

  14. * Matt – yeah I know what you are saying as I took one earlier that had some great pinks etc that I’d normally LOVE but I actually prefer this shot !

    * Clint – cheers for stopping by and having a look mate 🙂

    * Christian – That’s an idea, something I don’t really dabble with generally as I like to keep the image like the original, but that sounds cool so I’ll have a fiddle and post it on here as well. Thanks for your input/thoughts !

  15. Hi Tony

    Love the simplicity of this shot, it has a very calming effect. Well worth the effort.


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