the squall line..

  A nice squall line moved through southern Victoria last w/e.  Fortunately I had canned going to work as my forecasts had me fairly confident that some pretty photogenic conditions and opportunities may arise later that morning… And they did !  Here is a shot of the approaching gustfront, heralding the squall line’s imminent arrival. In the bottom right of frame a fleeing fisherman takes a moment to catch his breath and survey the ineluctable storm.

squall line

‘squall line’


~ by Tony Middleton on March 19, 2009.

6 Responses to “the squall line..”

  1. Nice cloud formation Tony and the guy or girl on the hill gives a good sense of scale.

  2. wow that is one wicked looking cloud!
    very nice shot Tony 🙂

    i’m guessing that’s the one Hamish and Andy hit in the Bass st?? if you watch that sorta stuff you’ll know what i mean, i think nearly everyone in Oz likes those guys though don’t they 🙂

  3. the pano perspective is perfect for these shots to capture the breadth of the squall line. this the one on Sat or Sun? i got caught out on Sat as I mentioned before at the Pinnacles which i think is in your photo? Sunday I also copped it at Avalon – it was a challenging weekend!

  4. That is one awesome shelf cloud! Great idea to can work to go out and take an image like this 🙂 Nothing I can fault in this shot, mate. Good stuff!

  5. That is a sensational shot, I love cloudscapes. My only wish was for just a bit more sky at the top.

  6. *Casey – cheers…I took a series of shots from the period…I thought I would post this one for th at reason…I was initially thinking he would spoil my exposures with movement but then he paused for a breath and to view what he was making a hastey escape from… YAY !

    *Stephen – thanks mate – it was pretty cool ! Hamish and Andy are pretty funny but I must have missed it…

    *Cain – It most likely was the same one…it spanned from the prom to north of Melb…I’m guessing you got pretty wet then ?!

    *Beau – cheers mate ! work sucks anyway 🙂

    *Flemming – I had more sky but cropped it a bit as I wanted true 3:1 and elt it was lesser to sacrifice it than lower the man or lose the bottom of the water… 🙂

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