let there be light

Recently I have felt that I have really wanted to take an image such as this…at the end of summer and especially such a dry one. It is at times like these that I can still see a real beauty in the country, the grass has almost become white it is so dry, on particular evenings when the sky the sky turns on a real show this ‘white’ grass can take on pastel hues as well. It certainly a far cry from what the region is agriculturally famous for  (rolling green hills)…But then again 100years ago this very spot was rainforest. I can’t help but *sigh*

  But it was some time ago and more so probably over the last couple of years of drought that I have seen this period with different eyes at times…It is one that makes me feel that I am west of the divide in NSW or the Maranoa-Darling downs of Qld – either way it’s of somewhere drier and hotter ! I knew I wanted to photograph it, I just didn’t really know how…then one trip through these regions I recalled how often I had seen these ‘sunrays’ beaming down through shallow Cu cloud decks onto the dry fields… So with this in mind I just had to wait til the seasons ‘cracked’ and we got some of these cloud decks that are normally my bain to photogenic light – finally I had a use and something to look forward to with them – finally ! With this cloud here generally it means there is some rain about…and rain brings the grass here back to life very quickly… so with 60mm in the last 10 days here this ‘window’ of opportunity during this quick seasonal transition is a short one to say the least.  All I needed now was some of these ‘gods rays’ to come down on my chosen composition…how easy is that going to occur ?!  (not very trust me!).

 let there be light...

‘Let there be light’ – 2009 Gippsland,Vic.


~ by Tony Middleton on March 16, 2009.

8 Responses to “let there be light”

  1. Stunning Tony, absolutely stunning. And loved that you tell the story behind the photo as well. Conditions like these with ‘bible rays’ and all the elements coming together are rare indeed.

    I always like the way the warm rays of a setting sun plays with the golden dry grass. It is just so gorgeous, like watching a living sea of gold. With the grass, the sun, the rolling hills, the clouds and the rays this is a classic and a winner. Wish I could see it in large print!

  2. Tony,

    I love the light in this photo its just amazaing. Breathtaking to be honest. Fantastic job.

    Jamie Paterson

  3. Very cool, Tony. I really like the golden light shining on the hills, and those rays! 🙂

  4. I agree very nice light Tony.

  5. *hey flemming – I had a feeling you might like this one (as it’s not a waterfall or seascape shot 🙂 ) getting the rays to be in a place you want is even more dedication (or luck!) and I had been waiting ages for this… With the recent rain the country is tinging green already so this wondow is closing fast…

    *Jamie – Thanks mate, glad you like it !

    *Beau – cheers, yay for the light !

    *Christian – yeah it’s one of those set ups where the light had no special colour..it’s more about it’s effect on the landscape.

  6. ooh, angel rays, nice mate. so hard to make work given the extended dynamic range that needs to be reigned in.on the rain front, i saw rays like this last Saturday at phillip island on a walk out to the Pinnacles. then that storm blew through and me and my mates had to walk back in it. angel rays can be evil!

  7. Scenes like this is why I harbour the insane desire to run away into the bush. That shot makes me go “aaaaaaaahhhh” the way I would if i were there, lounging around in a camping chair with a beer.

    Now to win the Lotto so i can take off on this trip of a lifetime tomorrow….

  8. Cain – that sounds pretty cool – did you get any pics that day ?
    Yeah they are a bit difficult to capture well, Christian seems to have some processing technique that really brings them out!

    Charlene – haha, cool dream and desire… this shot was not far from my house so I won’t be rushing out there camping. Get that lotto ticket my friend ! 🙂

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